Reports Bin Laden Raid

Reports Bin Laden Raid. Reports suggest that this team
Reports suggest that this team

Phil A.Aug 29, 02:51 PMThe one thing that struck me on the report is the amount of marks given to companies who have committed to a timescale. For example, Apple have committed to removing all BFRs but given no timescale and are marked as "bad". Dell have committed to removing all BFRs by 2009 and are marked "Good". Don't get me wrong, it's good that companies are giving time scales, but they don't really mean jack until they're implemented (the UK committed to the Kyoto protocol and will miss it's commitments by miles), and I think it's a bit misleading to give any company full marks simply because they have given a date that may be missed. I would have preferred to see those marked as Partially Good because clearly a commitment isn't as good as actually delivering on promises.

Reports Bin Laden Raid. Reports Bin Laden Raid.
Reports Bin Laden Raid.

firestarterMar 13, 03:34 PMThat is not true at all,it's not a binary choice.As I've said before the most effective answer in the short term is to stop wasting energy unnecessarily.

Let me guess, that involves overturning governments and the acceptance of a pastoral lifestyle based on Anarcho-Marxism, right?

That study (by the 'National Petroleum Council') is interesting. They suggest that increased nuclear use offsets coal use, as they're both 'base load' providers, with oil/gas topping off supply peaks. A few comments about it that I'd make:

- It's talking about a scenario with nuclear energy. I was arguing with a 'no nuclear' advocate. While the point the paper makes (that nuclear offsets coal) is an interesting one that may be valid, the reverse (that the removal of nuclear would not increase oil/gas use) assumption cannot be made.
- In the UK at least, gas power stations are being used for base load generation. ( This scenario isn't considered in the paper's 'coal offsetting' stance.
- The cost/benefit of oil/gas is not made, and the scenario of peak oil ( not covered.
- No discussion about alternatives to oil/gas for peak provision takes place. Vehicle to grid ( (for example) is likely to be much more viable in 20 years time.

Reports Bin Laden Raid. Bin Laden, the glowering
Bin Laden, the glowering

HowdrMar 18, 11:39 AMWhy do they have to charge for tethering? It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. If I tether a lot, I will use more than 2 gigs in a month. Charge me extra at that point. At least they now give you 2 Gig extra for your tethering money. I would just prefer to not pay for that extra 2 gig until I need it. I only need to tether once a month at best, so I don't want to pay for a bunch of tethering. I also don't want to leave my unlimited plan. Sadly, I have never gone over 2 GB, but I like knowing that I don't have to worry about it.
Because it get's you off the unlimited GF plan then.

If you go Data pro you must decline the unlimited GF ( the way i understand it)

You see there is a reason for this two fold

At&t hates unlimited Iphone users, they do

if you have the 2gb plan and you go over you get 1gb more = 25 plus $10 = 35 and then go over to 3.1gb = 25 + 10 +10 = $45
5gb would be $55. so they loose $25 a month from every unlimited who tethers up to 5gb

20gb? would cost $205 a month right?

The person who used 90gb a month? $25 plus $880 or $1005 in usage ( profit loss) to At&t

You all yell contract contract, At&t yells profits profits profits.

even if you pay for tethering and use 3.9gb a month
its 45 vs 30 a month, do 15 x 50,000 theoretically thats a loss of 750,000 a month profit for At&t or 9,000,000 USD a year, I think capturing this would make my boss happy wouldn't it?

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Bin Laden Raid Tweeter#39;s Blog

GGJstudiosMay 2, 01:00 PMIt's not "helpful." I don't need to be "reminded" the file I downloaded a second ago was downloaded from the internet. I'm sure others find it useful, but for me, it's pointless and annoying..
While you may not need a reminder for an app that you downloaded a second ago, what about an app that might get downloaded without the user's knowledge, perhaps with the name of a well-known app they currently use? The presence of this reminder would alert them to the fact that they're about to launch something other than what they expected. Besides, how often are you downloading and first-launching apps? It's not enough of an annoyance to worry about and the benefit outweighs the inconvenience for most people.

Reports Bin Laden Raid. Reports Bin Laden Raid. used
Reports Bin Laden Raid. used

ddtlmOct 12, 07:40 PMAnyway I've had my fun here for now. I think it is settled that the G4 does poorly at this particular float test. I've done everything I can think of and gone though all sorts of variations of the loop trying to increase the IPC but I could never make significant headway on either the PC or the Mac.

That said, this test is essentialy a test where we do 400000000 double precision square roots which we don't even store and nothing else. There are no memory access, only very predictable branches. I have radically changed the loop and compiler flags and essentially nothing besides the sqrt() makes any difference.

I do not regard this test as important in the overall picture. It does not illustrate anything important to anyone, unless someone sits around doing square roots all day.

I might also add that designing a meaningful benchmark is very hard. I think SPEC is about as good as it gets, and yes the G4 looses in floats there too. :)

Reports Bin Laden Raid. Tweeter reports Bin Laden raid
Tweeter reports Bin Laden raid

samcraigMar 18, 08:38 AMOMG you still done get it:

No no, as long as you abide by the amount of data in the plan it should not matter how you use it.

You can't steal what you paid for, you buy 100 cable channels that is what you get and use

You buy 2gb and use 1gb you have used 1gb no matter if its on the phone or laptop. 1gb= 1gb

Ok? the tethering give you 2gb for the money I see that and I have read the tethering and Data pro are added to total 4gb for the charge. So you and At&t prove my point thank you! Data=Data, they add it together and it is the same.

LOL no its the same use of Data as on the phone.
Tethering does not do something different to AT&t, its just using Data
you may not understand how Data is used from the source but I assure you there is no difference to AT&t when you tether and when you surf YOUTUBE on the phone.
To At&t Data=Data and its been their words not mine every time its printed by them.

So far I have not seen an argument that proves otherwise.:rolleyes:

Data is Data. And a contract is a contract. If you don't like the terms of a contract - don't sign. Or break it and deal with the consequences. ATT starting to bill for a service outside the contract is a consequence of breaking your original deal.

Again - for those with capped data plans - this makes no sense and I agree it's stupid. For those on unlimited plans - it makes 100 percent perfect sense.

Reports Bin Laden Raid. Reports Bin Laden Raid.
Reports Bin Laden Raid.

Santabean2000May 2, 08:57 AMAnnoyingly this type of thing will become all too common. Damn Apple and their great products, making themselves popular and that.

I liked the security through obscurity world we've come from...

Reports Bin Laden Raid. The Bin Laden raid WARNING
The Bin Laden raid WARNING

Roy43Oct 4, 09:52 PMI had Verizon and live about 4000 feet from their tower. Got where I could not even get a decent call or receive one unless I stood outside and held the phone a certain way. Tried others phones, same problem. Had them check the tower, at least they said they did, no joy. So, I got AT&T phone, it worked in my yard in my computer room, worked in back of grocery store, so I switched to AT&T and never looked back! I occasionally get a dropped call, but so did I on Verizon, no worse on AT&T. Having worked at phone company for 35 plus years, I find it amazing that cell phones work as well as they do given low power used in them.

Reports Bin Laden Raid. Inside Osama Bin Laden#39;s
Inside Osama Bin Laden#39;s

appleguy123Apr 22, 08:31 PMproof?

I wouldn't want to succumb to the accusation made in the first post. :)

Reports Bin Laden Raid. Reports Bin Laden Raid. the in
Reports Bin Laden Raid. the in

Taz MangusApr 20, 08:00 PMI live in a country of excess. Excuse me if I don't weep at night because Kanye West or Lil Wayne are missing out on my $1+ for their songs.

If an artist isn't mainstream, I'll gladly pay for their music to support it. But since my musical tastes tend to gravitate towards major artists, I don't think twice when I torrent their albums.

Reports Bin Laden Raid. Osama in Laden (screen
Osama in Laden (screen

GGJstudiosApr 15, 02:48 PMcould someone of the windows-people explain to me what the missing "Finder cut/paste" thing is all about? I am using OS 10.4.11 and if I go to the Finder and click on the second next menu next to the word Finder, a menu drops down where I can read:
"Cut" is greyed out on that menu and you can't use it to cut a file or folder from one area, then paste it in another area. You have to copy and paste, then delete the original, or drag and drop.

Reports Bin Laden Raid. the Osama Bin Laden raid,
the Osama Bin Laden raid,

torbjoernMar 13, 03:03 PMNuclear Power is fine by me as long as they have proper safety routines and actually follow them. Not like the ones they had in Soviet Ukraine. However, if an earthquake is enough to cause a meltdown, I doubt that I would build the plant in the first place.

Reports Bin Laden Raid. reports of Bin Laden raid
reports of Bin Laden raid

blastvurtApr 10, 11:42 AMBelieve this all you want, when a company like Epic sings the praises of iOS you'd best pay attention. It's had great impact on Nintendo's mobile plans and it terrifies Microsoft (who are praying that Xbox Live on WP7 matters to enough people). When mobile gaming (i.e., on the iPad) is making such inroads into mainstream gaming, it's eventually going to have an effect on the way consumers view mainstream console gaming. In fact, this is guaranteed.

Mobile gaming has been around for years in the form of handheld consoles. Hasn't really affected consoles that you plug into your TV/monitor.

You're holding too fast to the separateness of mobile vs. console. Over the next few years you'll see that separateness blur, and probably faster than anyone would have thought. There will be a definite, palpable melding. It's inevitable.

How is going to blur?

The App Store opened in July 2008. Now look at what we have in April 2011. It's astounding. And we're already trying to get mobile devices to project games onto HD tvs. It's very, very telling. It doesn't matter how successful it is *right now.* (pretty impressive, actually.) The point is, you can see where we're going with it. When Apple says "move over, Xbox!" they aren't being glib or fulsome. It's a portent. Just a taste of what's to come.

The psp slim & lite can output to a TV. Didn't really do much for PSP sales though. What use is it outputting a game from an ipad to the TV when you have limited control input options. The lack of buttons or real inputs will severely limit the types of games devices like the ipad can do.

A lot of people around these boards have absolutely NO IDEA what Apple is capable of and what they're about to do to yet another industry. Just sit back and watch.

I take it you do then :rolleyes:

Reports Bin Laden Raid. The New York Times reports:
The New York Times reports:

iphones4evry1Oct 8, 12:15 AMIf the day comes when an Android phone is as good as an iPhone, then it will be the service provider that will be the tipping point. AT&T better get their act together!

Reports Bin Laden Raid. tick” before the in Laden
tick” before the in Laden

Mattie Num NumsApr 15, 01:20 PMWe're placing more importance on the bullying of gays because of the historical and widespread discrimination, hatred, and violence that gays have had to endure (and still endure) that obese people have not. We discussed this 8 pages ago.

So let me get this straight.

Fat people are CONSTANTLY harassed but because the media doesn't report on every fat persons suicide or pain we are now directing to to the Gay community because the media jumps on it. I find this absolutely trash. How about we do something about suicide in America period. Soldiers killing themselves, teens killing themselves over Facebook.

Refers back to my previous post, the Gay community needs to stop singling themselves out.

Reports Bin Laden Raid. in Laden#39;s Abbottabad,
in Laden#39;s Abbottabad,

nagrommeApr 15, 09:43 AMGreat program! These are really well done; worth seeing for just about anyone, not just kids thinking of harming themselves.

In fact, speaking as a straight kid who was bullied, the advice and commentary here DOES apply to me, and would have been encouraging, even if this particular program is in response to a cluster of LGBT suicides. (And a program like this, specific to LGBT kids, certainly is called for: they face many of the same challenges anyone else does, but they do face unique challenges too, for sure. Other programs have addressed bullying in general, which is great as well.)

Reports Bin Laden Raid. The killing of Usama in Laden
The killing of Usama in Laden

Mr.GadgetSep 25, 11:35 PMExactly... Now I have to wait even longer to jump into the Mac foray... I'm holding on until these 8-ways come out... I hope it is soon!

I know there isn't much point as I won't need that horsepower, but the bang for buck is what keeps me holding on just a little longer. No way am I waiting until Christmas though! :-)

Reports Bin Laden Raid. Reports Bin Laden Raid.
Reports Bin Laden Raid.

samcraigMar 18, 09:22 AMPlease point that out in the contract, know it all.

Guess what, it isn't there.

Go look up the word Unlimited in the dictionary. Internalize and understand it. Come back here when you're done. Then come into a court room. Id like to sit back watch you (as I will eventually be watching AT&T) dance around the clear and concise definition of the word.

I've engaged in long, drawn out discussions with my legal pals about this very issue for several years, and they all agree it would completely impossible for AT&T to get out of court unscathed over this word "Unlimited"

Most of you people don't grasp the significance of the word in this case, which is not at all surprising given the crowd. (young and/or naive).

Most also think that because AT&T includes fine print in a contract, they can enforce it however they wish...which of course is a laughable fantasy to anyone who has sat through the first day of contract law.

Go look up the words: entitlement, spoiled, ignorance and unfounded :)

Reports Bin Laden Raid. Osama-Bin-Laden-live-raid-

TheSlushOct 8, 11:11 AMGartner's crazy.

Bill McEnaneyApr 24, 11:30 PMWell, only if you insist that yours is the ONLY What about the denominations that say "Here's what WE believe, but if someone believes something else, that's fine?"
That depends on what "that's fine" means. I don't want to coerce anyone into believing what I believe. Others are welcome to argue for what they believe when they agree with me and when they disagree with me. If you know that I'm mistaken about something, I you to show me that I'm mistaken about it because after you do that, I'll replace my false belief with the corresponding truth that you proved. But if "that's fine" implies relativism about truth, that implication is not fine, because relativism about truth, or at least some versions of it, are self-contradictory and every self-contradiction is always false.

Many atheists deny that God exists. Maybe they're right, but their denial implies that theism is either true or else false. If those atheists say that theism is nonsense, what do they mean by "nonsense?" If they mean that theism is neither true nor false, then they imply their denial is neither true nor false, since theism is the belief that at least one God exists, and "There is no God" is the denial of theism. By the law of the excluded middle, every proposition is either true or false, but not both.

OllyWApr 28, 08:02 AMHorrible headline.

You do not "slip" upwards.

If you had read the first post you would realise they were in third place last quarter.

Dropping to fourth is not slipping upwards.

drsmithySep 26, 11:56 PMPlus the most important app of all is quite good at utilizing multiple processors, OS X.

Well, no, unfortunately, it's not. OS X still needs a lot of improvement to make it work *well* with multiple CPUs. Right now it's about on par with Windows NT 4.0, Linux 2.2 and FreeBSD 4.x, but the next release should see some big improvements, especially now that multi-CPU machines (and pseudo-multi-CPU machines, ie: Hyperthreading) are so much more common than they were back in the mid-late '90s.

ct2k7Oct 7, 03:27 PMWhat are you guys talking about?
Didn't Adobe just show a new Flash IDE that generates native iPhone Apps ?

PeterkroMar 14, 11:06 AMEDIT: Here's a FANTASTIC read on Fukushima:

Yes that is a good article although pro-nuclear.I originally was flummoxed by the bit about bringing in portable generators and not being able to use them because the connecting plugs were different,this apparently is not the case it's that the switchgear is in a room that is flooded with radioactive water and they can't get rid of the water.I've quoted this guy before and whether he has an axe to grind or not he is not as confident in the plant as others seem to be:

"Japanese engineer Masashi Goto, who helped design the containment vessel for Fukushima's reactor core, says the design was not enough to withstand earthquakes or tsunamis and the plant's builders, Toshiba, knew this."

Here's another article from the NYT which may be useful:

I think it's to early to make any judgements about what's happening.

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