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NebulaClashApr 28, 12:45 PMBut any time a fad gets discussed over a period of years, it's no longer a fad, it's a trend.

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Kate refers to eight-year-old

04440Oct 27, 12:01 AMThe quad cores are already amazing.. Shoot.. I can't imagine where are programs are going. You know there's going to be that program that will only run on these 2 quad cores. Disgusting. But beautiful.. I don't want to start counting down the days for this release. I'm still burnt out about the MBP C2D. I'm waiting for my mac store to get it in stock.

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Bin Laden lived for the past

LagunaSolApr 28, 02:13 PMSoftware might not need that powerful of a processor, but what about OS? Heck Itunes shutters on my bros 2008 Macbook Pro, which is basic software.

Huh? A 2008 MBP should have no problem running iTunes.

Flash can barely run on his computer also.

Flash for Mac sucks even on the most high-end Macs. Why do you think Mac users tend to dislike Flash? It's not the Mac - it's Adobe.

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Osama in Laden and former

sjoAug 29, 01:22 PMHave you read what you just wrote? Who said anything about hunting whales? Eating whale meat? Or being poor?

No one.

Conclusion? You're bigoted.

There's no denying that Greenpeace is further towards "Extremist" than towards "Moderate." That's the jist of what he's saying, and he's right.


Whalehunting is sort of implied, but in order clarify: in Norway Greenpeace is discredited largely because they are against whalehunting which, for Norwegians, is part of their policy of trying to keep their large countryside inhabited. Greenpeace is against whalehunting so Norway, as many on this forum, see fit to try to discredit them as being "bigoted" or "extremists" or "treehuggers" instead of providing facts.

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Former British Army

*LTD*May 2, 10:30 AMSo that brings the grand total to what, 3 pieces of malware in the wild since 2001?

And still no viruses.

Nothing to see here. Again.

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in laden and bush in laden

fifthworldMar 18, 08:40 AMI believe nobody is abusing the system; instead, it's the system -unlimited, 2GB, 4Gb, whatever- that is unable to cope with the different needs. As AT&T can monitor the usage of the databand, just give us a plan where we pay based in usage, for example $5 for each block of 1GB, and be done with it!

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raid on Osama Bin Laden#39;s

monster620ieApr 13, 05:48 AMI am upgrading from fcs3 to this.

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The Osama in Laden I knew

NebulaClashApr 28, 08:13 AMThe iPod was not a fad by any sense of the word. Once you reach a decade of popularity, it's not a fad. It's like calling land line phones a fad because there was a time when they didn't exist, then they did exist and were popular, and now they are fading due to cell phones. Ridiculous.

A fad is something that comes and goes quickly with a spike in popularity at its peak, and then people look back and wonder why they did it. That isn't the case with the iPod which still sells in the millions.

Amazing to see how people will resort to anything to make Apple look less popular than they are.

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the 26-years-old son of al

TheUndertowApr 9, 07:49 PMI 'm waiting for Apple to BUY Nintendo.

I'm hoping/expecting they're the next to get into the ring from a console standpoint and they've come out of nowhere to be sneaky good with the portable gaming.

I'm a gamer and my original iPad had kept me surprisingly content since my Asus G71G-Q gaming notebook died (and I waited until it was out of warranty to finally send).

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certain former cast member

firestarterMar 13, 01:21 PM...but if a coal plant blows it's over soon, if a nuke plant blows it's over in 250 thousand years.

Where did you get that figure from? Cs-137 (one of the main long-lived dangerous compounds) has a half life of 30.1 years (

Oh yes, and coal contains radioactive material too... which a power station handily sends up it's chimney for distribution in the environment!

A 1,000 MW coal-burning power plant could have an uncontrolled release of as much as 5.2 metric tons per year of uranium (containing 74 pounds (34 kg) of uranium-235) and 12.8 metric tons per year of thorium.

it is estimated that during 1982, US coal burning released 155 times as much uncontrolled radioactivity into the atmosphere as the Three Mile Island incident. It should also be noted that during normal operation, the effective dose equivalent from coal plants is 100 times that from nuclear plants.

linky (

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osama bin laden mini me. osama

ApplespiderMar 20, 06:29 PMFurthermore, if you are using iTunes music, and you are using iMovie/iDVD, you CAN use tracks in your videos. They import in and you can use them freely in your projects.

Except there have been threads where people did this and when they sent it to friends to view, their computer had to be authorised to do so.

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Hot Topics: Bin Laden Death

samcraigMar 18, 12:20 PMExactly what I was thinking. Screw the next 4 hours, for the next month I'm going to non-stop stream audio and video. I even disabled WiFi so I don't use my works connection I use only AT&T's.

Blow me ATT.

Netflix non-stop for the next month

And this accomplishes what - exactly?

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Osama Bin Laden dead

mdelvecchioApr 21, 02:37 PMThis virus talk is full of ignorance. Mac OSX is not more secure than Windows. Windows is just targeted more, because of the marketshare.

If you think that Apple writes perfect code everytime then you have no idea what you're talking about.

youre citing "security by obscurity", and its been debunked. OS X has much more marketshare than 9 did, yet has no viruses where 9 did have viruses.

UNIX is inherently more secure than windows. its how the OSes are designed that makes windows more vulnerable.


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März 2011 | 00.19 amp;middot; Link Wette auf Real Madrid letzte Do Einfachste $ evah. CRenaldo Hatty versiegelte ihn. So wenig Parität in der spanischen Liga

MacCoasterOct 13, 08:12 AMOriginally posted by springscansing
Different programs encode at vastly different rates. For example, I don't know if you recall an application called Soundjam and another called Audiocatalyst. Soundjam encoded 2.4x faster, but sounded like total junk.
Hmm? Have you tried to encode them at the same rate, same song, whatever--and documented the results. Would be cool to know.

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osama bin laden cartoon Osama

emotionSep 20, 06:02 PMIn other words, Macs won't be recording a digital TV stream for a couple of years at least.

Unless you're in Europe and you can get Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT). In the UK this is known as Freeview.

The fact that regions differ will mean it's unlikely Apple will go that route.

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Osama bin Laden was killed.

samcraigMar 18, 08:24 AMIf you are currently on an unlimited plan, sorry - you can't complain about this new development. You agreed to TOS which stated clearly what you could and could not do with your data. Unlimited data is for PHONE use - not for other devices you can hook up to. ATT and other carrier's bandwidth isn't meant to support as many devices as you want on your unlimited plan.

Now... that being said...

Those who are on a 2gb, or whatever LIMITED plan - should be able to do whatever you want with your data. You've paid for a set allotment - and whether you use that on your phone or elsewhere doesn't matter.

There's a clear distinction between unlimited and capped in terms of what you are ENTITLED to or not.

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osama bin laden dead head

�algirisMay 2, 09:34 AMAny software for a Mac that says "MAC" in the title or in any documentation would already be suspect to me. Pretty much every person I have run across that thinks it is spelled in all caps as "MAC" has been a moron.

And just simply in general anti-virus software is useless on Mac, so why would anyone download and install any anti-virus, defender or scanner is above me.

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funny osama bin laden jokes.

latergator116Mar 20, 09:21 PMI do not want to enter the "debate" about whether or not DRM and copyright laws are "good" or "bad." But for everyone who believes that the creation of this software was a good thing I would like to suggest that you put your efforts into more productive things, like starting a legal defense fund for that poor individual(s) who helped create the PyMusique software.

I'd just about be willing to bet that federal law enforcement agents will be knocking on his/her door within the next few weeks. No doubt, if Apple wants to press this issue those individuals could be charged with some violation of the DMCA or laws covering internet commerce . I suppose that they could even be charged in a civil suit for violation of the iTunes Terms Of Service agreement.

Seriously, if it is true that some of these people live in the U.S. and they've used their true identities then they could be headed for real trouble. Get their legal team ready (and, of course, I know you'll all be contributing money for their defense). :)

I doubt Apple would waste their time and go after and sue the people who used this program and broke the iTunes contract. It seems like a relatively trivial matter. (But after looking at their thinksecret lawsuit, I don't know).

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Osama Bin Laden Dead

KnightWRXMay 2, 06:55 PMBugs are flaws in the overall security model.

Bugs are flaws in the implementation, not the model, at least for those you are referring to. Unless you have a model flaw to demonstrate (like the SSL protocol of 2009 bug) you're being completely besides the point.

Part of an OSs security model includes the implementation of exploit mitigations. The best exploit mitigation is to have as few bugs as possible. Obviously, in relation to privilege escalation, OS X has far fewer bugs.

Again, this has nothing to do with the "Unix security model", only to less known bugs.

At this point, I doubt you're even interested in having a serious discussion on this issue... I think I'll just stop replying to you.

flopticalcubeMar 13, 03:36 PMTrue, but the total deaths from Chernobyl are unknown. Many people dying in Russia, Norway and other affected countries from cancers or other conditions caused by the contamination aren't included in the totals.

I would still place automobiles as at least an order of magnitude or two greater. No contest.

thatismeApr 28, 08:20 AMI don't see a problem with the comparison numbers... it includes "Pads", not just iPads.

Acer, I believe has a tablet device. Dell has the streak. HP held back on their tablet device....

So, it is an apples to apples comparison, since tablets were included in the sales numbers for everyone in the survey.

gangstMar 18, 12:03 PManyone got a link to Mac PyMusique downloads or is it Windows only?

mangroveSep 2, 08:21 PM[QUOTE=mangrove;10977725]:D:D:D

The happiest dat of

Great! :) Hope you come back and let us know how the service is and how it compares to AT&T. Which phone did you get?

Since I have an iPad that is really all I need + Verizon. Everywhere I would go where people had no reception (me too with iPhone), I would ask what carrier they use-nearly 100% said AT&T. Then in those same instances/places I would ask people those who could talk freely on their phones what carrier they used and it was like 98 out of 100 said Verizon.

That's why I switched. Got a simple phone-Samsung Haven-2 phones for $60./month, but only 450 minutes (which I never exceeded with 2 iPhones) for around $165./month.

Sure hope the iPad is Verizon compatible soon too.

The upside to having 2 dead iPhones--now we have 2 wifi iPods so all the iPhone apps work on them.:D

jefhatfieldOct 10, 11:17 AMOriginally posted by alex_ant

Macs aren't a poor buy, though... they're only a poor buy if your primary concern is maximum performance. I doubt they're any less stable than PCs. They are slower, but in my experience they are much more enjoyable computers to use. You will have to weigh your need for performance against this.

i agree with your balanced comment

it has to be better than, "macs rule all the time or pcs rule all the time"

things are just not that black and white:p


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