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Capt UnderpantsJul 12, 12:08 AMHate to say I told you so (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=2559135#post2559135) ;)

Oded S.

I'm sticking to my belief that the iMacs will get Merom.

We'll soon see...

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osama bin laden jesus. times

firestarterApr 23, 07:49 PMApple users question. Atheists/Agnostics question.

You see a trend yet?

Yarweh uses Windows
Allah is still on CP/M
The Buddah uses Unix
And Atheists use Macs?

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in laden smiling. Osama bin

killr_bOct 25, 10:48 PMI can't really decide what to think of an 8 core mac pro.

Right now FCP barely uses all four of mine.
It seriously seems that they a) haven't updated software pending an OS update, ie; leopard, to take advavtage of them or b) more cores really only helps the multi-tasking.

In any case I think my mac pro isn't quite as fast as it could be sighting the activity of my cpus during a render.

HDV render = 60% on every core. WTF?

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osama bin laden smiling.

CaoCaoMar 26, 09:07 PMthere's no reason why the church can't continue for their believers if it learns to respect the rights of those who don't believe in its teachings

The Church wont bend on certain issues. This is one of those issues.

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osama bin laden jesus.

sososowhatSep 26, 12:52 AMhttp://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

(expected later this quarter to PC manufacturers according to Daily Tech).

That would mean sometime in the next 5 days.

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osama bin laden jesus in

alust2013Apr 6, 02:33 PMBingo. This is EXACTLY right.


I spent some time at an Apple store today. I messed around with the Macbook Air machines mostly. It's gonna take a few visits to have a better idea of things.

Frankly I'm a little bummed, since I was quite tempted to get a Mac -- pretty soon, in fact. Now I'm really not so sure. I (personally) might be better off with Windows 7. Not sure.

One thing I learned while at the Apple store: I'm pretty sure I'll be getting an iPad 2. :)

For your situation, Windows may just be better. I switched about 2 years ago, and I am still finding new stuff out about it on occasion. I personally prefer Macs, but would be fine if I needed to switch to Windows 7 for whatever reason. One thing that wouldn't be a bad idea just to try a mac out, is find a relatively inexpensive used Intel Mac Mini and just use it for a while to see if you like it. I wouldn't judge it based on speed or power, as the older ones are a bit weak in that department, but it should give you a good idea of the OS and wouldn't be a large investment should you not like it.

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The US feels Osama bin Laden;

Bill McEnaneyApr 25, 11:08 AMWhen someone talks about "not believing" my initial knee jerk reaction is to think this is a threshold as strong as "belief" but in actuality it's simply anything short of reaching the threshold of believing. In my case instead of saying "I don't believe" I think it is more accurate to say "I don't know."
You've just made good points, Huntn. I'm sure that many, maybe even most, people have much the same knee-jerk reaction you have. I pointed out som distinctions, though, because nowadays, when many think unclearly, the ignore those distinctions. Each time I hear someone say "I feel" when he should say "I believe" or "I think," the phrase "I feel" reminds me of subjectivism.

Someone here, Lord Blackadder, I think, told me that I didn't understand the "pluralistic society" idea. I do understand it, and I know that many people disagree with me on many topics. I'm willing to learn from others. I even suspect that my false beliefs outnumber my true ones. But if disagreement among people proves anything, it proves that some people hold some false beliefs. If I believe that there's a God and you believe that there's no God, one of us is wrong. Today too many talk as though the freedom to believe what one wants to believe is more important than the truth.

Sure, it's often better to say "I don't know" rather than "I don't believe" because most people probably haven't learned the distinctions I've described. On the other hand, although knowing that a belief is true implies believing that it's true, believing that it's true doesn't imply knowing that it's true. If believing always implied knowing, everyone would be all-knowing.

Say I've deluded myself into believing that my honorary Brian is still living when he is, in fact, already dead. No one is helping me by saying that "Brian is still alive" is true for Bill but not for Brian's family." If I were deluded, the longer my delusion lasted, the more painful my disillusionment would be. I want to know the truth, even if it's unpleasant.

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osama bin laden jesus in. of

NAGOct 8, 09:36 AMSo they're predicting Android will replace Symbian and Windows (how many years and Windows Mobile 6.5 is the best they can do). Hardly surprising. I thought we were all predicting this when Android was first announced. All the junk, throw away phones made by HTC et al. use Android because it is at least in the same ballpark as the new smart phones. Meanwhile all the people who don't let the sales people in the mobile stores dictate their phone choices get an iPhone, Blackberry, or maybe a Pre if Palm doesn't die.

Android may be better than Windows 6.5 but they still have a lot of work when it comes to user experience. Google honestly needs to make their own phone as a benchmark to shame all the other phone makers into making a good one.

Oh, and does this report include predicted numbers of the iPod Touch? It runs the same OS as the iPhone so it is relevant as far as developer ecosystem.

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osama bin laden jesus. osama

iJohnHenryApr 23, 07:44 PMBut this doesn't answer the question at all.

Apple users question. Atheists/Agnostics question.

You see a trend yet?

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osama in laden jesus

MultimediaOct 13, 05:36 PMCostco Deal (http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=11163877&search=viewsonic&Sp=S&Mo=3&cm_re=1-_-Top_Left_Nav-_-Top_search&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&N=0&whse=&Dx=mode+matchallpartial&Ntk=All&Dr=P_CatalogName:BC&Ne=4000000&D=viewsonic&Ntt=viewsonic&No=2&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial&Nty=1&topnav=&s=1) You are correct in the resolution, BUT with two of them at less than the cost of one 24"er from Dell it does make up for the real estate--+10 on dual monitor cool factor :D

I sent in my Macbook on Monday to get the random shutdown issue repaired. Shipped back to me today--and for some unknown reason was delivered to the Apple Store here in Jax. While I had them on the phone I asked about the Mac Pros they had in stock and I was told they are "out of stock." Take it for what it is, BUT, I'm wondering if it could mean an EOL on the current line.

EDIT: Now that I'm thinking about it, ya think the 1050 height will allow for a 100% 8.5X11 page view?

EDIT TWO: If your a member of the Dell Forums, you can receive a $350 coupon off the price of the 30"--very tempting.

BHere's the link to the $350 Coupon: http://forums.us.dell.com/supportforums/board/message?board.id=creativecontest&message.id=143&l=en&s=dhsThank you very much for that tip and link. You saved me all but $11 in sales tax. So it was like getting the $1444 deal without tax. $1349 plus tax. I pulled the trigger this morning and hope to receive it next week.I went ahead and ordered the 24" LCD from Dell. Pretty cool that they use PayPal--I try to pay with everything with cash. Anyway, I have that coupon code for the 30", if anyone wants it just PM me.Looking forward to maximum desktop in one screen. Long story is I ordered the 24" about 6 weeks ago then realized I wanted the 30" when it went on sale for like $1600 + tax so canceled the next day. But Dell screwed up my credit for 6 weeks so I couldn't even order the 30 until today and you came up with the coupon just in the nick of time to save me even more than I expected to save - like another $250. Total bill came to only $1468.32. Amazing luck for me.

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osama bin laden jesus.

SandboxGeneralMar 14, 06:49 PMWirelessly posted (iPhone 3GS: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

I was watching ABC World News with Diane Sawyer this evening and she said there have been no reports of looting since the earthquake. She went on to say that the total population is about half that of the US, squeezed into an area the size of Montana.

If it's true that there has been no looting, I think that says a lot for the Japanese people. That's a sign of a very respectable and community oriented civilization.

I lived in Japan for one year while serving in the US Marines, and I enjoyed every minute of my stay there. I do hope that someday I can make a return visit.

Back to the bit about looting, I feel ashamed and embarrassed of my own countrymen in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina when we all saw people, including police officers, looting Walmart and many other businesses. To me it's unacceptable for Americans to be doing that sort of thing as the "leaders of the free world." Thats one area where the Japanese have the high ground over Americans; sense of community through disaster.

Let me qualify my remarks by saying I realize that the percentage of Americans who were looting after Katrina, is small, but when it's broadcast over international TV, it reflects on the whole country.

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osama bin laden jesus in

macwannabeOct 13, 11:19 AMSaying that the 2.8GHz P4 is no good because it is based on 25 year old architecture is nonsense as far as I'm concerned.

Can I take it then that you don't think that any of the cars on the market at the moment are worth having or have been improved at all on the grounds that they are based on an 80 year old design? "I don't think that BMW is any good as it is based on a Ford model T", hmmmmmmmm dodgy logic methinks.

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osama bin laden jesus. osama

ShivetyaApr 15, 11:49 AMI have a couple problems with this approach. There's so much attention brought to this issue of specifically gay bullying that it's hard to see this outside of the framework of identity politics.

Where's the videos and support for fat kids being bullied? Aren't they suicidal, too, or are we saying here that gays have a particular emotional defect and weakness? They're not strong enough to tough this out? Is that the image the gay community wants to promote?

Because some groups want to convince the world they are better victims than other groups. Because some groups see more importance in who you are than what you suffered.

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in laden smiling osama bin

dgree03Apr 28, 08:23 AMExcellent! I love it when people put these predictions down in black and white for posterity. OK, see you in 2020 when the Tablet Era will be ten years old, the dominant computer format people buy, and containing capabilities that we cannot even imagine now.

But you've put down in writing that it will not be something you work with even then. Noted.

What are tablets going to overtake? I just dont get it... Desktops? Laptops?

I can see hybrid solutions, like the ASUS EEE Tablet. But they are not NEARLY powerful enough to run certain applications. I just dont see large businesses, such as the government replacing laptop, and desktop with tablets!? not in th next 10 years DEFINATELY.

osama bin laden jesus. Osama bin Laden could not
Osama bin Laden could not

eric_n_dfwMar 20, 07:25 PMHey, good point. Even it is totally unfair and unjust, it's still wrong because breaking the law is wrong. :rolleyes:What is unfair and unjust about DRM? It's your $.99, if you don't like DRM, don't bitch about it - just spend it elsewhere! :rolleyes:

osama bin laden jesus. Jesus and Osama bin Laden
Jesus and Osama bin Laden

MultimediaOct 19, 10:53 AMYeah... Kinda disappointing. Although, my 3D rendering work will benefit just fine from them as while it's CPU intensive, it's not bandwidth hungry and the software itself isn't all that great for thread scheduling, so it's better to run multiple software instances for each CPU/core. I'm curious to see how the Clovertowns compare to the upcoming AMD quad-core chips, which have full 4-way shared data pipe and L2 cache. I think it's going to be just like the AMD X2 vs. the Pentium-D all over again. AMD will hold the quad-core performance title until Intel releases their 45nm process chips with all 4 cores being fully linked. But such is the way it's been for the last few years, AMD and Intel continue to play leap-frog. Which is great for the consumer as it drives CPU tech ahead so fast... Too bad my wallet can't keep up. :(I wonder if one of the Leopard "Top Secrets" is Core Control so we may assign how many cores for each applicaiton we know can use more than one.

This product may be one of the most anticipated by me in my entire 22 years with Mac. I really can't wait for it to ship. Going from Two to Four then Eight Cores in less than one year, and not just for show but for really finding a need and honestly needing all that additional horsepower, - only since February '06 for me - is a pretty amazing technological leaping experience. :)

My 30" Dell arrives tomorrow, Friday October 20. Whoopie! Mac Pro 8-Core Ready, Willing & Able. Retiring my 27" Sony KV-27XBR45 CRT made in July 1997 from the office today. One less tube down. Can see the end of CRTs in the distance now. Only one 20" SONY CRT TV left in the office. Using EyeTV Hybrids to replace all TVs in the house.

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in laden with no turban osama bin laden jesus. Turban Bomb Meets the; Turban Bomb Meets the

leekohlerApr 15, 10:20 AMAgreed. But you know what, some people deserve not one ounce of respect.

You would be one of them. It stings when the mirror is held up in front of you, doesn't it? I was like you at one time too, and I know where you are right now. At some point, you will come to understand that there is a difference between people who are simply trying to be themselves (us) and people who are trying to keep us from being ourselves (social conservatives). One deserves respect, one does not.

osama bin laden jesus. osama bin laden jesus.
osama bin laden jesus.

IcarasApr 9, 12:43 AMThat's a complete joke, surely? There's no way you can compare console gaming, in basically a home arcade, to swiping your fingers around on a 3.5" screen. No way. I am a gamer, and always will be.

Gaming on the iPhone is good for 2-minute bursts, such as when sitting on the toilet. It's not a great games device. Most of the games are cheap with no replay value.

Say that about games like Final Fantasy III, Aralon, or even NOVA 2. Try finishing any of these games while on one sitting at the toilet. :eek:

You're right about prematurely comparing iOS to console gaming though. However, I feel iOS absolutely competes with handheld devices by Sony and Nintendo.

I feel the quality is there for many games and growing. I think it would be foolish to dismiss gaming on iOS when there is obvious growth and a healthy consumer market happening at the App Store.

osama bin laden jesus. Usamah Bin Ladin (Osama Bin
Usamah Bin Ladin (Osama Bin

leekohlerApr 15, 12:16 PMDid you maybe mean celibacy? I'm sorry that this confusion has happened to you. I know, there are lots of words in the English language and it's really hard to keep track of them all.

I suggest a dictionary. There are many on the web, even.

Post reported. If you can't see fit to post without insulting the intelligence of other members, then maybe you should not post. Everyone makes mistakes. If you can't accept that others make them and address it in a civil manner, maybe you should sit back and chill for a minute.

MultimediaOct 25, 10:39 PMI am so there with the cash ready a willing to fly out the window to Apple's account sooner than Apple can say:

"8-Core Mac Pro Available At the Apple Online Store For Ordering." :)

wlh99Apr 6, 11:27 AMMac:
cmd-shft-3 to get a screen shot *instantly* on your desktop

Opening snipping tool
switching to full screen mode
choosing a file name
quit the app

Or press print-screen. It puts the screen capture on the clipboard instead of saving to the desktop, but just as easy. AFAIK there is no simple equiv. to cmd-shft-4. I usually open in Paint and crop.

citizenzenMar 15, 10:47 PMyou forgot contained to the universe:rolleyes:

I see you still haven't explained what you meant by "contained".

macenforcerAug 29, 02:44 PMUm....should we just not heat our homes then? You first.

Even early man built fires to stay warm.

Yeah but he should have been using Taun Tauns. ;)

myamidSep 12, 07:05 PMYes, except the point is the iTunes/Movie interface with EyeHome does not have. What is cool is you can now use BOTH!!!

And the HD capabilities of iTV exceed Eyehome.

Considering the quality of the content on iTunes... I'd say what I stream is about on par so I'm not loosing out too much...

And your first comment only applied to DRM protected content... for anything else, EyeHome is totally integrated with iTunes, iPhoto and movies...


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