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NucAug 29, 11:20 AMGiven Greenpeace's mission and credibility, I think it's safe to assume that all manufacturers featured were graded on the same criteria. So at least in this survey, it's quite believable that Apple has dived compared to its competitors.
Yea they're really credible...:rolleyes:


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SPUY767Mar 19, 08:31 PMYou are one of the few moral and sane individuals who I see on this server. People who see beyond this robin hood mentality that permeates the computer world like a plague. People don't seem to feel as though they have done anything wrong when they have stolen something that is not physical.

Now I won't sit here and claim that I have never ever stolen music or software. I have downloaded my fair share of warez in my day, we all have. To deny that is to deny the very thing that makes us human. Ok, maybe not, but I'm not going to play holier than thou. Software companies, however get it, where movie companies don't. Software companies understand that they aren't Losing money by having software pirated (with the exception of game publishers, and office style software.) The fact is, that five to ten years ago, when i warezed it up, and stole a copy of say, Photoshop, and FinalCutPro 1, the software company was not losing money. Why? Because there is no way that I would have purchased the software did I not steal it. It was a zero sum game then. Now, that I use Photoshop, FCP, DVD SP, and a load of other expensive apps, (My computer is worth a third of what the software installed on it is,) for business purposes, I purchase them legally. Most businesses do the same thing.

Recording companies should realize the same thing. I have never downloaded a song that i would have purchased could I not have downloaded it. If I like something enough to buy it, the I buy it. Recodring companies don't lose that much to file sharing for that very reason. People download music as a preview a majority of the time. Give the rate faeces that the recording companies want to release, thank god for that ability too. My rant is over, I'm getting bored.


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in laden cave bin laden wife.

BlippApr 13, 01:20 PMSo basically what you are saying is that you are a two bit hack and a kid with just an ounce of creativity can easily replace you because any kid can afford a $300 program, whereas a $900 one keeps them artificially out of the game.

The really ironic thing about your post is that FCP 1.0 was a cost revolution itself bringing video editing to he masses for really the first time ever, which you took advantage of. Now that Apple is doing it again and you are at risk you seemingly outraged.

Try and get your facts right before spouting off and obviously you are no pro app user. Premier was before FCP and FCP was taken from premier as the person who built FCP was the same. Premier was the first cost revolution not FCP.1 as Macs didn't sell many at that point. It stands to reason that if you dilute something in price it will then be worth less, and in business you need a premium product to keep your head above water.. Its all very well Apple releasing garage band as this is ment for kids and individuals to play around with and when or if they decide to go and pursue this for a career they can up sell them to Logic or Pro Tools etc. This is a huge step up for that route, but what I am saying is this: If everyone has the same tools then how can it be called a pro app? The new FCP is pretty much based on Imovie and for those who dont except that try and use them both together and then you will see.

Take the Red camera.. this could sell for 5k and everyone would have one, so why would you pay a daily rate of $1500 to have someone use a camera that only costs $5k? Wake up and smell the coffee but as your post indicates you dont live in the real world as companies will pay more for something they feel is better than it really is. Its simple business logic and psychology. Companies pay a premium for a professional using professional gear not an app you download from the app store.You're still just spouting the same point they are ragging on you about which is that the only thing separating you from everyone else is that you can afford the big toys and they can't. Where is the talent, customer service, work ethic and turn around time that sets you apart? A "pro" app isn't pro because it costs more, it's pro because of the tools it offers to the user. Just because some schmo can sit down in FCPX and crap out a family video doesn't mean he knows how to use all the tools together to make something truly unique with a professional's touch. Just because I own a tool box and some wrenches doesn't mean I'm going to put my mechanic out of business.

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in laden cave in laden wife.

edifyingGerbilApr 23, 04:22 PMThis "proof" is full of the most hilariously appalling non-sequiturs :D!

Yeah, it's kind of embarrassing but he does raise interesting points behind all that

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i_am_a_cowMar 20, 01:21 PMUhm why is the program Windows only then???
Wow people are ignorant. It is clearly not Windows only. I can compile it on my mac if I want to. You must not have any idea what you are talking about.

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in laden cave bin laden wife.

alcaponekApr 20, 05:18 PMIt looks to me like they are waiting for the 2nd generation of LTE chips to implement it, arent they due to September as I heard somewhere ?

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benixauOct 12, 03:22 PMIf you want to get exceptional mathematical performance then why are you getting a micro computer???? I cannot out-type my computer and i cannot do mathematical functions fater than it, or even excel with all of its overhead.

BTW, my g4 is soooo slow at doing maths functions that i finished an assignment a whole 5mins ahead of a mate. In excel. these were some serious slowdown stuff, 10 cross-referenced, dependently linked, nested functions sheets. Now my mac only has 2 867s with 256ddr, his p4 2.53 with 512 couldnt beat me, WITH WIN95.

Now any more real world tests you would like????:D

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takaoApr 24, 11:58 AMAnd the Catholic church had Galileo jailed for his work on heliocentrism (just one of a countless litany of anti-scientific acts).

that Galileo has became a poster child of "what the church has done wrong" and science etc. though is nothing short of ironic .. considering that he got into the whole argument by dismissing the pope's model for the solar system without using arguments or science or even reading it (rather unscientific and blunt ;))
the very same pope who has been his sponsor and patron for years before even becoming pope and made him an employee of the vatican after becoming it, since he was an avid hobby astronomist

much of the story was more of a personal vendetta

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miloJul 13, 08:51 AMLame poll choices.

Most likely is BOTH woodcrest and conroe in different models. Woodcrest is necessary for quad, but using it in a single chip configuration is a waste of money.

Apple needs to deliver both maximum performance and reasonably fast performance at a reasonable price.

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BoyBachAug 29, 02:31 PMGroups like Greenpeace border on fanatical...

And nobody on these forums are bordering on the fanatical in the defence of Apple Computers?

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MacRumorsJul 14, 02:03 PM (

Apple's forthcoming Mac Pro will sport dual Optical Drive slots, if a recent report from AppleInsider ( pans out. In addition, the power supply is rumored to be moved from the bottom of the enclosure to the top. Otherwise, the enclosure would remain largely unchanged from today's PowerMac G5 design.

ThinkSecret currently believes ( the Mac Pro enclosure change will be a more radical departure from the present design to signify the processor change.

Also mentioned in the article is an independent report of possible specifications for the new machines with the "Best" configuration topping out at two 2.66 Ghz Xeon processors. This anonymous source sent possible specs for the Mac Pro to both MacRumors and Appleinsider, and while the validity of the specs are uncertain, the anonymous specs also independently claimed the new Mac Pro would have two optical drives.

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phineasMay 5, 01:06 PMThis post and the results are why I am hoping vzw picks up the iPhone, if they dont, well guess I'll go to tmobile:eek:, Nahhhhh I'll just sell the iPhone and go back to vzw.

AT&T's crap is getting to be too much, wait till the Zombie invasion, I bet there network will be the first one to go down

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toddybodyApr 15, 10:01 AMIt's not that easy to fit in. Sophomore year I lost a lot of weight and kept it off for about a year. Looking at pictures now, I wasn't fat during that time. But I still got picked on for being fat. I got called fat by guys who actually WERE fat.

The calculus isn't so simple to figure out. Why were there big fat popular bullies that didn't get picked on? Probably something to do with a degree of violence and intimidation or perhaps some sort of charm or leadership quality they expressed. Who knows.

But trust me, if you get made fun of for your clothes, then go out and get some cool clothes to "fit in", you will be laughed at even more for trying, and they will not relent until you stop wearing those new clothes and go back to your old ways so the kids can go back to bullying you the way they wanted to.

Alot of similar comments are missing the point...all these examples of bullying are age old, and as such have alot of positive examples of future success and how to combat them.

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dextertangocciSep 12, 04:14 PMWhat is up with that price???:confused: :eek:

Is it a mistake?!?!?

It is SO cheap!

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SpectrumAug 29, 03:11 PMIt is a huge difference in getting to know how we can alter the genetical code and actually do it in a grand scale. THAT if anything will be our end.
We've been modifying the genetic code of organisms (plants/animals) for centuries by selective breeding. GM is a more refined way of doing these same things, but more rapidly, as well as permitting the introduction of new genetic traits not possible through standard cross-breeding strategies.
It has the potential to end a great deal of suffering in the world from starvation. Not to mention potentially huge environmental savings from reduced use of pesticides, less irrigation, and transport.

However, this immense power needs to be deployed carefully and responsibly.

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SuperCachetesMar 26, 01:06 PMI'm commenting on arbitrary rules

Actually you're not, because it's not an arbitrary rule. As someone explained to you earlier, there's at least one reason behind banning copulating in the street.

There is no valid reason for prohibiting same-sex marriages. That is arbitrary, and shameful - particularly since it seems to be antiquated, bigoted dogma (that not everyone shares) that is promoting this prohibition.

relationships built on love in general are less stable, cf. US divorce rate.
Marriage should be about more than love, the people should be fully committed to working through problems instead of divorce. My Grandfather's wedding was arranged, this year they are celebrating 50 years of marriage and they love each other. Love can grow or even start if nurtured.

What a touching story. Don't know what any of this has to do with homosexuality.

However it isn't tyranny because the government isn't actually depriving them of liberty, merely not supporting them.

And if you are being beaten in the street, and the police walk by instead of coming to your aid - is that depriving you of liberty, or merely "not supporting" you?

Love conquers all until it hits a rough patch

au revoir

Again, don't know what that has to do with homosexuality.

To reply sarcastically about my post about Matthew 5:10-12, someone posted this :rolleyes: smily. To answer lightheartedly, I said that I liked that emoticon. I was not writing about anyone's face.

To be fair, I knew what you meant with your comment, but frankly there wasn't any sarcasm in my statement. You were attempting to defend your earlier poorly-constructed post, and I was bemused by it.

I'm not condoning the belief but priests are expected to do it, so why not gay people?

What does being gay have to do with being a priest?

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NaimfanApr 24, 11:25 AMWell in that case anything could be classed as Christianity. Frankly I find that absurd. What's the point of identifying as a Christian if any interpretation of Christianity is considered OK? You may as well just call yourself a spiritualist as it would be closer to the truth.

I mean that kind of logic just annoys me no end. Either God exists or he does not. If he does exist one must assume that he intends the Bible to be read literally. If he didn't then why did he go through the whole bother of having it written by the disciples in the first place if people were just going to change and reinterpret it willy nilly based on whatever the current political or social ideals of the time are?

Based on what you've written, you have a very narrow view of what you consider to be "Christianity." You should perhaps spell that out--what I would infer from what you've written is that to "Christian" one must interpret the Bible (by which I assume you mean the Old and New Testaments) fairly literally and that any denomination which does not do so cannot be "Christian." Which would be news to many of the major Christian denominations.

Perhaps you should substitute "fundamental Christian" for Christian, since that term seems to be more in line with what you've written.

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SalacionApr 20, 06:57 PMYeah! My battery lasts for upwards of two days. Definitely not comparable at all to an iPhone.

Inferior interface is subjective, and you've given no reference so that comment is irrelevant.

Name me one app that you have on your iPhone that doesn't have a similar if not identical app on the Android Market.

No, it's not comparable to the iPhone.

Interface: harsh colors, sharp geometrics, poor graphical enhancements, Windows-esque aesthetics.

About that last one. There might be an Android app with identical functionality to an iPhone app, but it's how that functionality is presented to you that makes the difference. See, the App Store has quality control.

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Eduardo1971Apr 28, 07:27 AMSurprise. The major enterprise players take the top three spots.

Agree. Too bad the iMac never took off in the enterprise sector. I remember when I was going to the university in the 90's I saw plenty of macs all around campus. Now the times I've gone all I see are Dell's, and HP's.

toddybodyApr 9, 07:39 PMI wish they'd "poach" Bobby Kotick...and by poach I mean shoot with an elephant gun and mount on Jony Ives wall.

Daveoc64Apr 15, 11:32 AMBut it's not *hateful*. I don't see how a rational being could find that hateful. That's just something that shuts down discussion and mischaracterizes an opponent.

The stance itself isn't rational (i.e. based on anything empirical), so it's hard to take it seriously as anything other than "hateful" as you put it.

monster620ieApr 13, 05:48 AMI am upgrading from fcs3 to this.

johnnyfiiveSep 13, 12:53 PMAdd me to the excessive dropped call list, keep getting them randomly over the passed two weeks at my house. I'm going to call AT&T today, hopefully score a MicroCell.

dgree03Apr 28, 08:41 AMI agree but they will never match real desktops. Technology advances. Something you can do today let's say in 2 hours you will do in 1 next year on new equipement. Thing is that next year you will ramp up the quality of the final product still getting same 2 hour work period. It's like that for ages and will never stop :)

Exactly! Desktop shipments still outpace laptop shipments. Desktops and Laptops will continue to hold top market share, while inevitably tablets will cut into that margin and find a nice place and sit. Desktops have been around since the beginning.. and every challenger to it has never surpassed the market share. Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets, smartphones... whatever.. people still need desktops and laptops for prolonged productivity.

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