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Doctor QMar 18, 06:24 PMI didn't know before that "DVD Jon" is a movie star as well. He plays himself in the documentary Info Wars (

Hey, I wonder if we can get that movie on DVD and play it on our Linux systems. :D

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xperApr 13, 07:54 AMI will save my major comments until I see the shortcut layout, the amount of customization, and hear from the working industry . . . you know the ones too busy getting it done to attend the event. Not the ones that got paid go.

The shortcuts hasnt changed and it is possible to remap shortcuts so no need to worry.

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NebulaClashApr 28, 03:42 PMWill the "cloud" be hosted by Amazon in their North Virginia datacenter? :eek:

I'm sure users will love that "cloud", at least as much as they love the Playstation network...

Yup, and early PCs had bugs too. Keep living in the past . . .

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CalBoyApr 23, 12:57 AMNo one is concluding that there was a single "bang," and I'm certainly not conflating anything. "Bang" is a metaphor, and no one is relating it to the "origin of life." You're trying inflate your own ego and place your "scientific literacy" on display here by arguing a point that no one is questioning.

You certainly have been dancing around it throughout this thread:

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slinger1968Nov 2, 08:24 PMDon't know if you saw this article, I thought I would provide it for your review.

That's the Kentsfield chip not the Clovertown (Xeon) CPU but the benchmarks are interesting.

Just as expected the Quad cores are only going to be a big improvement for the software that can utilize them. Software will catch up with multicores, hopefully by Q2 07 when I'll be buying a new machine.

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lazyrighteyeSep 20, 08:31 AMSounds like a very cool device.

lets hope for a 60" Apple tv/monitor is coming for release soon. this would power a home theater and be usable for much more

If this were the case (which would be cool), why not just cram an iTV into the monitor (which would be cooler)?
"Look ma, no... iTV box thingy (?)!"

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ChocolateOneJun 4, 09:57 PMNot sure this is a good test...

I'm beginning to see that while ATT is the bigger culprit, the iphone itself may play a role in what happens with dropped calls...

My service (as is well documented in these forums) at home was/is terrible.

I recently purchased the microcell, from ATT, and I can now make calls in my house!! Except, when I move exactly 20 feet away from the microcell into my kitchen, my iPhone struggles with itself to pick up the 2 bar distant tower that was the guilty party in dropping my calls... so now, in my house iPhone juggles between a 5 bar microcell and a 1-2 bar tower (which still drops calls). It also drops every call that I'm on if i leave my house during a call, or arrive at my house during a call.

I have reset the network settings on iphone, to no avail...

Before this week and the microcell experiment, I wouldnt have said this, but I honestly believe that the software that drives the phone is playing a huge part in how the phone handles tower switches, and thus is a culprit in the dropped call phenomena.

I agree cause my blackberry Bold 9700 never drops calls and i am everywere in the northwest.

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bradlMar 18, 02:01 AMWow... was multi-tasking supported that early, or did we not get that until 4.0. It's early here in Florida and I can't remember.

But hey, if its working for you... go with it!

No. it wasn't.

I rarely use it, and when I do, it is work related. I went the MyWi route after the BenM hole was patched up in iOS > 3.1.


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rasmasyeanMar 14, 07:19 PMAre there any like Predator survailance drones arround there? You'd figure by now since the US has arrived, they would bring a bunch of these planes that circle Afghanistan and Iraq all 24-7. They can like spot heat signatures and like liscense plates and stuff like that.

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Blue FoxApr 22, 07:08 PMThere is a few things
I miss the start button. The dock is handy but I prefer the start button and quick access tool bar.

Put your Applications folder and user folder in the dock, then right click and change it to a list view. You now have full access to everything on your HD via the user folder in the dock, and the applications folder as well.

remove programs

Remove or uninstall? To remove from the dock, simply click and hold, then drag off, it goes away. To uninstall, drag application from the applications folder to the trash, then empty trash. Or if the specific application came with an uninstaller, you can use that too.

My network places

Network as in available WiFi networks or connected servers? Connected servers will show up in any Finder folder you open up in the sidebar. As far as Wifi, that's in the WiFi symbol on the top menu bar.

scratching my head on how to easily open a new tab on safari when only a single safari window is open

File > New Tab, OR Command + T, OR right click on the top of the safari window, click "customize toolbar" and add the "New tab" button to your existing buttons.

I seem to close a lot of safari windows instead of hitting the back button.

As mentioned above, when you customize your toolbar in Safari, you can always add some other buttons in front of the back/forward buttons to keep from closing it out inadvertently.

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ATDSep 26, 05:41 PMYep. :( I know of a peep on the OS X Maya forum that ended up buying the full version. I don't have the money for that sort of thing, so I'm not going to buy until the RenderMan Plug-in supports whatever 64-bit version of Maya is released in the future. Then I'll also be upgrading Maya. :)

You can download the eval copy to try it out.


Glad I didn't shell out the money thinking it was. 64 bit Maya is going to be nice, I'm think its coming when OSX 10.5 hits. I got Maya 8 but have not loaded it yet.

BTW, I go to the OSX Maya forum once in while and have seen your name there. Is DD the one that got the full version?

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emwMar 18, 10:16 AMI wonder how long it'll be until Apple comes up with a fix for this?Probably before the the end of the day, I would imagine.

But is this really a surprise to anybody? I mean, really, how much can the RIAA bitch about this? They sell CDs that anyone can burn and share - they should be happy that Apple is trying to improve upon this model in the first place. Of course, I know they will still bitch...

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grueApr 13, 12:04 AMThe BBC just purchased 4,000 Premiere systems.

The BBC is also funded by money stolen from people as a punishment for owning a television. Let's not base conceptualizations of rational thought on their behavior.

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johnnyturboukApr 9, 04:32 PMi love basic gaming on my iphone/ipad

byt nintendo really pushed the boundaries with the wii..

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OneMikeMay 2, 09:09 AMsignificant, but you have to install

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CutwolfMar 18, 12:10 PMSome helpful quotes from the modmyi thread:

I helped my boss through this one... I had him call AT&T and explain that he received a message about something called "tethering" and to act dumb and explain that he is a heavy pandora and Netflix user and doesn't understand why he's going to be billed more for it. Bottom line they couldn't prove it so they apologized and removed issue from his account with no changes.

Good luck to everyone. (my boss was on 4.2.1 and he is using about 25gb per month)

AT&T is hoping people will either ignore the message or call to apologize (Don't act guilty and you'll be fine)


I told AT&T that I stream Sirius all day. They said my plan can stay the same since i don't "tether" lol


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gospel9Apr 9, 12:31 AMHmmm, swipe, swipe, swipe, next. Swipe, swipe, swipe, next.

Nah, gimme the Infinity Blade graphics but in a game that needs more than just flicking left or right.

Oh you have absolutely no idea how to play Infinity Blade. Sure you can win like that in the beginning... It is like saying a racing game is turn turn turn brake turn long brake turn turn next.

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MultimediaOct 26, 01:22 AMwell i must say i'd be kinda suprized to see an update this early with apple. especially since i just bought a mac pro. i'd be mad if the prices of the one i just bought goes downIt is not early. You should have known about this since August. I did.

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Edge100Apr 15, 11:33 AMAll I'm doing is trying to argue that sure, there's plenty of stuff in there you're going to disagree with. And that's fine and I'm sure you'd have a lot of compelling arguments to refute the points.

But it's not *hateful*. I don't see how a rational being could find that hateful. That's just something that shuts down discussion and mischaracterizes an opponent.

It is hateful to trivialize a person's identity; to claim that homosexuality is a "trial", that must be overcome. It's dehumanizing, and it's hateful.

leekohlerApr 15, 12:00 PMNo but hold on a second. I don't know what scientific evidence has to say about something like morality. It may certainly be that sexuality is immutable. But if you're referring to my quote from the Catechism (and I lost track)... that doesn't say homosexuals are required to change their sexuality.

Yeah, but it sure says that we won't get far if we act like what we are.

Again, completely irrelevant, since this is not catholic theocracy, and your book has no bearing on my life. If that's how you choose to believe, fine- but leave me out of it, and stop trying to force us to live by your rules through law. And guess what? We'll get along just fine.

1townApr 28, 07:58 AMHorrible headline.

You do not "slip" upwards.

840quadraApr 28, 12:37 PMYou dont know what a fad is. Thats like calling dial up internet a fad because now pretty much everyone is using cable or fios internet. An ipod touch is still an ipod, its just better version of an ipod black/white.

A fad is something that comes alot that is huge for a short time then fades out. Just because tech advances doesnt mean the first gen was a fad.
No I understand quite well. Your example leads me to believe you don't.

People didn't wear, display, or carry their internet connection in public, they did the iPod.

Why do you think White headphones, and MP3 players of similar look / shape & form factor became popular (from other manufacturers mind you) after the iPod became popular? Likely because it was a popular look / gadget that many people wanted.

A fad rarely includes items of technology, but sometimes it does. The subject of the iPod being a fad isn't something just I created / think, it has been discussed for a few years now, especially since the introduction of the iPhone.


jeremyb66Apr 13, 02:02 AMSo this is basically a jazzed up Final Cut Express and the pros have been shown the door. Why am I not shocked about this. :mad:

Someday I'll tell my kids that Apple was the company for pros to which they will laugh in disbelief; kind of how I do now when old people tell me that American cars were once high quality.

I think u r right about apple but I have I have a F150 XLT 2011 and it's great!

Caliber26Apr 15, 10:08 AMUmm… sweetheart… I am a 47yo gay man (married).

I think most of your problems lie within. Self-hate is not the way forward.

Hahaha, if I doubted your gayness for one second, you really convinced me with that last part..."self-hate". (very standard, piss-poor rebuttal I get from every butt-hurt gay (no pun intended!) that feels MY views don't align with theirs)

Sorry, kiddo, I do not hate myself or my fellow gays and lesbians. AT ALL. Go ahead and step outta the glittered box you live in and learn to understand that one does NOT have to support every single aspect of this lifestyle. Are you effing crazy, dude!??

We're all quick to criticize the Apple fanboys who drink Steve's kool-aid, but guess what, I'm no "fanboy". I'm a gay male. Not an uber fan of the gay agenda, that supports every bit of it. I don't. DEAL WITH IT. This path is not easy for anyone and you, a man approaching 50, who's been around during much tougher times, ought to know how difficult it is. Don't try to fool yourself.

How dare you say I hate myself just because I have an entirely different point of view.

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