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Osama in Laden wife not used

Apple OCMar 15, 12:09 AMEven allowing for the possibility of a complete core meltdown (an unlikely event given the current situation, though not impossible), the structures were designed to contain such an event. The release of dangerous levels of radiation is extremely improbable, even given a situation significantly worse than that currently faced by Japan. Link (

very informative link ... this is likely another 3 Mile situation and will get under control. The expanded evacuation seems to be added precaution and not an indication of Radiation sweeping the area.

I feel for the people that have been displaced and wish them well

Bin Laden posters used for. Bin Laden posters used for
Bin Laden posters used for

dante@sisna.comOct 26, 03:37 AMBulletin. Many thousands of us knew it would be this soon. :)

Yep we did. I expected Octo way back in July/August.

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used for in Laden poster in.

PghLondonApr 28, 03:52 PMAre you? Why do you think Windows 7 sells so well? All Mac users need to buy one.

Wow. Just... wow.

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used for in Laden poster in.

TurnerManMay 17, 12:32 PMI moved to Newport News, VA (23601) almost 2 years ago and was a customer with AT&T since 2002 when I lived in San Antonio, TX. Even though I live in a "3G coverage area" I couldn't get voice service, much less a 3G data stream. I thought it may have been my iPhone so I bought a Blackberry Bold - still didn't work from my apartment, the reception was just as bad.

Last year my area flooded pretty bad and I couldn't contact my wife when I was out of town. That was the last straw for AT&T. The next day I went to Verizon and got two new Droids - I get 3-4 bars now and love it.

Bin Laden posters used for. Bin Laden posters used for
Bin Laden posters used for

UnixMacOct 9, 05:51 PMBottom line.......Macs are over priced....we just keep buying them and so why would the accountants want to change that gig?

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tere in laden posters His

PeterkroMar 12, 02:15 PMTEPCo press release:

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osama in laden poster. in

vniowOct 9, 12:57 AMOriginally posted by Abercrombieboy
I don't understand you guys, you say that Windows XP is now stable and maybe you are right, and you say that PC's are faster and the hardware is the same quality for less money.

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Bin Laden posters used for. in

MultimediaSep 26, 04:48 PMYou're kidding, right? Here we are sitting around waiting on the C2D and you're saying that in about two months we'll have the option to buy a QUAD? Please say your kidding. PLEASE.No I am not kidding. What option to buy a Quad? Clovertowns are Quads used in pairs to make 8-core OctoMacs not Quads. Clovertowns are scheduled to begin shipping in November. This is not news. It's been known for at least 3 months. Did you not see that thread?

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in laden poster. used for in

DeimoJul 11, 11:19 PMOne thing i was just thinking... with some laptop vendors considering Conroe due to it being pretty damn efficient, how about this one:

MacBook - Merom - optimized for LONG battery life
MacBook Pro - Conroe - optimized to be a true mobile professional workstation

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FBI Bin Laden Wanted Poster

Apple OCApr 23, 05:42 PMexactly ^^^ you either believe or you don't

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used for in Laden poster in.

HellhammerMar 13, 12:35 PMOf course you would say that, Finland gets ~30% of its energy from nuclear. Olkiluoto isn't exactly coming in under budget, is it?

Nothing stays in budget here. At least nuclear provides energy all around the year; solar, wind or water energy wouldn't.

It's not just a matter whether it is safe in your country, it's also a matter of whether it's safe for your neighbors. If I remember correctly, y'all had to throw away a lot of caribou meat after Chernobyl.

I had not even been born when Chernobyl happened so I know very little about how it affected us. Like others have said, it's safe as long as it is used by responsible country. From what I've read, Chernobyl used ancient and much more vulnerable technology than today's plants use plus they were performing some kind of an experiment which fought against safety rules.

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used for in Laden poster in.

Rt&DzineApr 26, 05:16 PMYou gotta do better than youtube videos.

Can you cite anything verified scientifically?

The Nun Bun. Verified to look like Mother Theresa.


The Jesus toast. Verified to look like Jesus or Jeff Daniels.


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used for in Laden poster in.

bugfaceukApr 9, 10:42 AMAre PR people not supposed to stop everyone hating you?

Hang on. Let me just parse the negatives in that sentence.

"Aren't PR people supposed to make everyone like you"

Right that's better.

Yes they are...

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used for in Laden poster in.

dgree03Apr 21, 08:56 AMWell, just think of it as paying toll on a road that your taxes had already paid for (probably a bad example).

This is a bad example, usually you pay a toll BECAUSE tax money was not used OR to fund half(or more) of the project.

Shhh. Your experiences are obviously the exception, since they don't conform to his viewpoints.

To be honest, the really "tech savy" ones are the ones who can and do use MULTIPLE platforms. Not just Windows, nor Mac, nor Linux, but a combination of many.

I do love his "IT guy" argument though. I just had a friend's father, 20+ years as an IT Professional, convert over to Mac after getting fed up with the Windows Virus/Malware/other random issues train.

He posted the pic of him in the Apple store looking at an iMac with the caption, "You're doing it right."


I agree with this statement, I think tech savvy people are the ones who can use most any operating system, gadget, or whatever in some capacity.

Knowledge will be 5 miles long and 1 foot deep.

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used for in Laden poster in.

AppliedVisualOct 25, 11:57 AMIf I get a 30", then I need to also get an expensive dualink DVI KVM, but the dell is so less expensive, getting that over the apple would completely offset the cost of the switch.

Just thought I'd put in my piece of advice about DVI-DL KVM switches. I'm only aware of three of them on the market, the two most common are from Gefen ( I'm using the 4x1 Gefen and it works perfectly switching my primary display between my G5 quad, two PCs and my MBP. I know the quad switch is double the price, but DO NOT BUY THE 2x1 DVI-DL SWITCH from Gefen!!! It is using an older design and internal chipset and requires you to disassemble it to tweak an internal control dial. Then use two fine-tuning dials on the front (one for each input) to stabilize the picture. Unfortunately, unless all your devices are using identical video chipsets and putting out identical (or as close as possible) signals, you will never get both displays synchronized. Gefen knows about the problem but remains silent about the issue. They swapped my 2x1 switch for a 4x1 switch and gave me a decent discount after I went through two 2x1s with the same issue. Finally one of their senior tech guys admitted to the problem... So if you're connecting two G5's with the same video card, go for it. but if you have different hardware, then steer well away. The 4x1 switch has no compensation dials and does it's own on the fly signal tuning for each input, just as DVI is supposed to.

Sorry for the rant, but I just wanted to vent on this and maybe share someone else the frustration. Besides, dealing with Gefen is a total PITA! It's been two months of me calling them every other day trying to get a refund for something I returned long ago.

The other DVI-DL switch I know of is a matrix switch costing close to $6K. If you want the details I'll fill you in, but it's a commercial A/V electronic patching matrix suitable for running a mix of high-res or HD res displays and video walls in sports bars and/or shopping malls. :D

Bin Laden posters used for. Laden posters demonstrators
Laden posters demonstrators

MultimediaOct 21, 01:11 PMAnyone know anything about these suppliers, other than Crucial Technology?I know Omni and 1-800-4MEMORY are both suppliers of good ram for less money.

I've never understood why anyone buys RAM from the more expensive Crucial. Can only be marketing 'cause I have no reason to pay more for RAM from just another supplier of the same thing. :rolleyes:

Bin Laden posters used for. Osama Bin Ladin is Dead Page.
Osama Bin Ladin is Dead Page.

OllyWApr 15, 09:32 AMTHAT video shows how one should handle bullying IMHO. I bet that scrawny lil Jersey Shore wannabe won't mess with that kid anymore.

THAT case only worked because the bullying victim was much bigger and stronger than the bully.

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used for in Laden poster in.

alexfAug 29, 11:36 AMMy family, two parents and two kids, have purchased 6 ipods over the years.

Replaced batteries on two of them.

Never thrown any of them away.

Still use all of them. Why would anyone throw an out dated ipod away?

Try to think in the long term: where do you think these iPods will end up in 20 years? I highly doubt anyone will still be using an iPod they bought a quarter century ago.

I am afraid that, in that sense, iPods are very disposable.

Although the situation is becoming much more urgent with the rapic climate changes that are happening in the world faster than predicted, much of environmentalism is about thinking in the long term, and the environmental impact that company products and policy can have.

And in this regard, Apple indeed scores very low, which only goes to show that they are really no different than a typical corporation that cares far more about its immediate profit than the earth and its future generations.

Bin Laden posters used for. Used For Bin Laden Poster
Used For Bin Laden Poster

TherboMay 2, 09:29 AMI am not concerned with malware that requires user intervention and a few clicks to install things. I am more concerned with malware that installs silently without you seeing any pop-ups or stuff like that.

Kind of like those pwn2own contests I think are over-rated. "Pwn" my machine without me having to click anything, visit any website or anything. I'll just boot my machine, leave it at the login screen and let you do your thing. You can't touch it physically, just find a way in.

If it wants to infect the system fully, it can't do that silently, unless you have no password or a weak one set for your account.

Except this is not a virus. Some of you guys need a course on malware terminology. This is a trojan at best. Spyware at worst. Hardly a virus.

I would just call it scareware.

awmazzMar 11, 08:57 AMLink?

To get an idea of how massive this one was, I am in Himeji, and just an hour east of me, in Osaka, buildings were swaying. Now if you look at a map of where the quake is and how far away Osaka is, my god.

No link. TV coverage - NHK World.

takaoApr 24, 11:58 AMAnd the Catholic church had Galileo jailed for his work on heliocentrism (just one of a countless litany of anti-scientific acts).

that Galileo has became a poster child of "what the church has done wrong" and science etc. though is nothing short of ironic .. considering that he got into the whole argument by dismissing the pope's model for the solar system without using arguments or science or even reading it (rather unscientific and blunt ;))
the very same pope who has been his sponsor and patron for years before even becoming pope and made him an employee of the vatican after becoming it, since he was an avid hobby astronomist

much of the story was more of a personal vendetta

AceCoolieMar 18, 11:09 AMI want to jail break my iphone 4 and install mifi. The reason is to create a mobile router that my iPad and camera can connect to so that images shot my camera will appear on my iPad. This will not involve any data going to the internet. Is this a violation of my ATT agreement? Will then even be able to tell I'm doing it?

Edge100Apr 15, 10:20 AMEverything is hate to people like you. It makes it impossible to have any kind of conversation.

Difference of opinion != Hate

Putting homosexuality down to the choice of a "hip counterculture" is hateful, because it completely trivializes the issue.

Real people's lives are being snuffed out because of who they are; these are kids that will never get a chance to do all of the things that make this life so great.

Your words are hateful because they further marginalize. I am a heterosexual man, and I did not choose to be one. My best friend is a homosexual man, and he did not choose to be one. Yet he had to endure an unending fear of violence for who he was, and I did not.

I don't even care if you don't like homosexual people; you're free to do that. But don't trivialize the situation; these people are dying for who they are, and that should shock and disturb every last one of us.

torbjoernApr 24, 05:03 PMislam is unpleasant and, i guess for want of a better word, evil.

That was a bit harsh, wasn't it? Not even I would go as far as saying that anybody's religion is evil. But it's definitely proves to be incompatible with modern Western values, which we began to see already in 1994 (Salman Rushdie). My only comfort is that those who have contributed to accelerate the conflicts by providing a lousy integration policy, will likely be the first ones to get stoned to death. I'm a male who doesn't drink alcohol nor commit adultery (and pork meat I can live without), so an islamic state wouldn't really be that bad for me to live in... I think...

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