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TedIsraelsonOct 7, 12:47 PMSounds amazing like the same business model that has been followed by the Mac. A device with OS competing against an OS that will run on many devices. Current Mac market share 5.12% current Windows 92.77% (based on numbers from Market Share) . Does anyone else see this connection?

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JFreakJul 12, 05:08 AMI think we have all been waiting for hte final piece in the puzzle: pro laptops - covered, consumer laptops - covered, consumer desktop - covered, pro desktops - waiting...

...not to mention: non-apple pro apps - waiting.

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840quadraApr 28, 10:50 AMUhm, I still use an iPod. It carries all my music, usable contacts and calendar now and some games. And a touch interface. You are saying that my iPod Touch is not an Ipod. Guess we need to call it iTouch after all.

I still use a classic style iPod too, I even said that in the post you quoted.

Apple may market the iPod touch as an "iPod", but in all reality it is just an advanced PDA that has a really good music player inside it. More of an iPod by Label, than it is by past definition.

I think it is stretching it to call the iPod a fad. One of the defining aspects of a fad is its temporary nature. 8-10 years temporary? Everything is temporary.

I don't think it is. There are many past examples of fads that lasted an entire decade, even longer.

Multifunction devices (PDAs & Phones) existed during the peak of iPod popularity, however they were not sought after by the masses in the way the iPod was. Even now Apple still offers a clickwheel iPod alongside the Touch / iPhone. Because of that, you can't exactly say it has been replaced, when it is still offered (along with other smaller iPod music player offerings).

People have been migrating away from the dedicated iPod MP3 player, since the introduction of the iPhone, and Android devices. Many of us still buy and use classic iPod music players, but it is becoming more of an enthusiast / niche market than it is mainstream.

You may not want to call it a Fad even though it meets many of the criteria, which is fine. I am only one person with one opinion.

Like it or not, the iPod fad (or era) is drawing to a close, it is now the turn of the iPhone / Touch (or Android) and iPad (or Tablet).

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SilentwaveJul 11, 11:30 PMOne thing i was just thinking... with some laptop vendors considering Conroe due to it being pretty damn efficient, how about this one:

MacBook - Merom - optimized for LONG battery life
MacBook Pro - Conroe - optimized to be a true mobile professional workstation

unlikely. MBPs already have heating issues, and Yonah core duo standard voltage is designed with a TDP of up to 31W. Merom has up to 35W.
Conroe and Allendale both are TDP 65W throughout the range except teh Conroe extremes which are TDP of 80W. No info yet on the Low Votlage or Ultra Low Voltage Meroms, but if any high end processor beyond merom were to get into the MBPs, which i doubt due to the need for a different socket, i'd actually call it as Woodcrest!

The dual core Xeon 5148 Low Voltage, clocking at 2.33GHz with 4MB L2 cache and 1333MT/S FSB has a TDP of 40W- only 5W higher than the Meroms.

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ezekielrage_99Sep 26, 10:48 PMAnd UT2007 and Q4 and render video. All at the same time :confused:

Do we need that?

Sounds kind of fun :cool:

I'm sure the studios are drooling for a 80 core model, it would make rendering a lot faster. I heard that Monsters Inc had single frames that took up to 90 hours to render. :eek:

Got to love Renderman, Global Illumination and Raytraced Shadows.....

The rendertime is a bitch but it looks totally sweet.

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Chaos123xApr 12, 11:28 PMWirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

Wonder if a boxed version with the other apps will be offered? Or maybe Apple will support the old Final Cut for awhile till FC X is ready for prime time. I mean where's Final Cut 8 and 9? Maybe there will be a transition phase???

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yukioAug 25, 10:17 PMSJ said it takes 2 years to build a cell tower in the bay area. compared to something like 6 months in texas

it's not a sf bay area problem nearly as much as it is a san francisco problem.

i live in the city, and i swear - while the rest of us are working - the "neighbors against things we don't understand" go to each and every city board meeting and derail cell antenna applications.

even though we have huge chunks of the city with electrified light rail wires overhead emitting their own em radiation, it's the cellphones that must be stopped.

i'm not making excuses for att - because i think that they have experience deploying in plenty of difficult markets - they just choose to not work the system to get things done.

and let's face it - service always declines in a single-provider model.

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CaoCaoMar 26, 09:07 PMthere's no reason why the church can't continue for their believers if it learns to respect the rights of those who don't believe in its teachings

The Church wont bend on certain issues. This is one of those issues.

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MultimediaOct 25, 10:48 PMIf the pricing is any indication, the (low end) Quad Core 2.33GHz Clovertown is the same price as the (high end) 3.0GHz Dual-core Xeon...

so unless the bottom of the line Mac Pro is expected to start at $3298, the current Dual-Core Xeon Mac Pros will stick around.Right. According to Apple's current pricing, the 2.33GHz Dual Clovertown would be +$800 IF they offer it. However, Apple may only offer the 2.66GHz Dual Clovertown for + $1100 and keep the rest of the offerings priced as they are now.

That way they keep the top 8-core more expensive than any of the less expensive and way less powerful 4-core models. From a marketing point of view this makes a lot more sense to me - since I plan on buying the Dual 2.66GHz Clovertown for +$1100, total $3599 BASE or more if they insist. This is one time when I don't care how much it costs - I need it NOW.

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Edge100Apr 15, 01:18 PMYeah, I was waiting for that one. It's pretty low-rent as far as fallacies go, I'm not sure why it is trotted out as often as it is. It's always used to argue stupid things like Hitler's religious beliefs represent the truest form of Christianity, and if you don't believe so, you're violating this sacred "No true Scotsman" fallacy.

No TRUE circle is square! Yeah, that one's true. You can't torpedo a well-defined institution by finding an example of someone not living up to its rules.

The point is that you don't get to redefine "Christian" to suit your argument.

Hitler was a Christian. That is a fact. That doesn't mean that Christianity is equivalent to Nazism and fascism. That would, indeed, be a fallacy.

But again, this is obfuscation. You can't explain away bad things done by Christians by redefining "Christian".

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blackburnApr 9, 04:29 PMReal gamers won't use apple gear (for gaming at least). I don't really like the online game craze. You can't borrow games from friends or even trade them (yeah more profit for the industry).

Since my game pc died I've bought an psp to play a few games once in a while, and not an ipod touch since it doesn't have any friggin' buttons in it. And macs just suck too much at gaming (looking at toasty imacs), in here the only thing that keeps kids wanting an iDevice it's because it's cool and having an apple thing means that your either an hipster or an rich (or broke with lots of debts).

Long live the moments of the game boy, hell I still play some game boy games in my psp with an emulator:D

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puma1552Mar 15, 09:23 AMYes. All the fission stopped almost 72 hours ago.

I shouldn't even be taking the bait from someone who's posting with such a jackass style, who doesn't even know hydrogen is flammable (helium my ass), but here's a nuclear expert and fellow telling it to you, exactly like it is:


Yes. Radiation levels detected outside the Japan plant remain within legal limits.

I don't think you understand how minute that still is. I don't think you understand that it still would need to be magnitudes higher to even be remotely harmful.

Move along.


As was quoted in my quote of the quoted article you quoted:

You want to be pedantic about 'front door' and 'outside the plant'?

I think we all already know without requiring puma's three degrees in atom science that the further away from it you are the less radioactivity there is. Hence the word 'evacuate'.

What the hell are you talking about? You don't even make any sense.

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osama bin laden mini me where

gnasher729Jul 12, 01:31 PMHow much hotter would a MacBook Pro be with a single Woodcrest?
Why not Woodcrest for entire PRO line?

Please please please read through a few of the Merom / Conroe / Woodcrest thread. Using a single Woodcrest in _any_ machine is pure idiocy; chipsets are a few hundred dollars more expensive, hotter and not one bit faster than Conroe at the same clockspeed.

And using Conroe in a portable computer would be a highly questionable move. It uses twice the power of Merom at the same clockspeed and performance. It is a bit cheaper, but Apple would spend much more money for having to use much bigger batteries and a much more powerful cooling system. Macbook and Macbook Pro are really quiet if you use not more than about half their performance; at full performance the fans are quite noisy. With a Conroe chip, you would have the full noise at medium speed; Conroe running at full speed would make one hell of a noise and empty your batteries within minutes.

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WoFatMay 2, 10:23 AMIs it still the cold & flu season?

Waiting for the 1st complaint here how they got a virus on their Mac by doing absolutely nothing after clicking & downloading and unzipping and installing & entering admin password only to be stumped as to which credit card they should use when a panel pops up to buy MacDefender.

Where are these peoples parents when they�re doing this?

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osama bin laden mini me where.

BlakeasdApr 16, 10:06 AMThe problem I had with switching was only bottom corner resizing, however this is fixed in OS X Lion

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FgirlApr 6, 09:38 AMthis is probably the most hilarious thread ive read at MR...
not trying to insult anyone, but it's like the blind leading the blind...
'rumors' that you cant do this or you cant do that, LOL, OMG, obviously some people have no idea how to use their own computer!

i have several pc and mac that i use every day, 3 of each just at this desk im at now. neither is annoying, theyre just different.

look, the closest analog that i can describe is learning to speak a new language, perhaps french.

if someone told you dont bother learning to speak a new language because it does no good to say 'yes' or 'fries with that', youd obviously think the guys a fool.
maybe right now you dont know the words, but you know intuitively that the words are all there. you already know the language works the same, it's just different: 'oui, avec frites'.

when someone says you cant do this or you cant do that, just imagine a person who's been speaking another language for just a short while, and is trying to advise you as if they were able to speak fluently in the new language.

i think some people just hold their preference too dearly sometimes, and then insist that anything that falls outside their comfort-zone is annoying.

that's like saying it's annoying because in another language you have to say 'house white', instead of 'white house', or english is better because you only have 'the' and not 'la' or 'le'... or german is annoying because 'no' sounds like '9'.

in my opinion nothing is annoying about one or the other, they're just different.
take control of the situation and become fluent in both.

approach it with the right frame of mind.
you either 'want' to learn, or you 'have' to learn.

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TundraboyApr 28, 07:28 AMNo surprise the iPad is just a fad and people are starting to realize how limited it is. Its frustrating on a lot of cool websites and no file system makes it very limited.

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awmazzMar 12, 03:12 AMExplosion reported at Fukushima plant.


Oh cr*p. The headline is 'huge explosion'.

I think it's clearly time to start making comparisons with Chernobyl and discussing how widespread the radiation damage is now potentially gong to be rather than praising how Japanese reactors are different to Soviet ones. That huge cloud of smoke is enough to tell anyone expert or not that this is already way beyond just getting backup cooling diesel generators operational again - we're witnessing a massive disaster genuine bona fide China Syndrome meltdown.

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osama bin laden mini me where.

valkraiderApr 28, 10:30 AMI'm sitting with my entire office laughing at your naivete and misunderstanding of what modern computer hardware is. Keep digging your hole.

If you and your entire office are sitting laughing at MacRumors comment posts then you are charging your customers WAY too much money.

joepunkMar 12, 09:12 AMI appreciate a little humor now and again during horrible tragedies. As long as that humor doesn't go overboard. It can break ones panicked state of fear.

And iirc Chernobyl had graphite core reactor without a containment building. Japan reactors have containment buildings.

springerjApr 20, 07:58 PMAh yes, the ever present "Android users must be smarter because they can customize their phones more" argument. It's still as irritating and off-base as it always was. :rolleyes:

It's really cool when you over-clock it and put in a terabyte drive!!! Real phone users can do that!

leekohlerMar 26, 07:23 PMWho were the whores who continued to whore?
Love the sinner, hate the sin.

Read your Bible. Sorry dude- I am the sum of my actions. So if you hate my actions, you hate me.

Many marriages don't get over the rough patch, some don't even try :(

What does that have to do with gay people getting married?

PhoticsApr 9, 10:26 AMNo amount of arguing is going to change this fundamental issue.

One of the things I liked about the Nintendo 3DS was the thumbstick.

A lack of a physical keyboard, and a better controller for games, can be an issue with the iPhone. It certainly was a design problem with BOT (http://photics.com/bot-game-design-and-progress-reports). I'm designing a game specifically with touch controls in mind. The original design had a flaw. A lot of the action would be covered by the player's hand.

Yet, I don't think it's impossible to create great gaming experiences with just a touch screen. Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Cut the Rope are excellent examples of touch-based gaming. I don't think that could be easily duplicated with a controller.

What should Apple do about it?

...a slide-out controller?
...an Apple accessory?

Doesn't Steve Jobs hate buttons? I thought I read that somewhere.

DenariusMar 15, 09:34 PMI did a little reading and now am a one minute expert... :p

I've read these reactors did auto shut down when the earthquake hit. The problem is that the rods create tremendous persistent heat even after a shutdown, and it is the lack of cooling water that is causing the problem.

Could it be considered a myth that any nuclear reactor can be expected to automatically safely shutdown when power to all safety systems are lost no matter how it is designed?

And who was saying this could not be like Chernobyl??

Modern plants use passive removal systems in the event of reactor instability and they are much safer as a result. The Fukushima reactors date from the 60's so the decay heat removal mechanisms are active, employing pumps instead of heat removal via natural circulation in the event of a failure, hence older plants do present more of a risk in this sense than modern ones.

Ah, but once again it's all about location, location, location, and they don't have any viable sites for safe nuclear energy, if such a thing exists.

That's true, but I suspect a modern plant employing passive safety mechanisms would fare a lot better in the same scenario.

Still, ifs and ands... Sincerely hope they manage to get it under control. Just been another fire I see on the BBC News site.


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