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Bin Laden. osama in laden daughter.
osama in laden daughter.

electroshockOct 8, 07:04 AMYou guys are all forgetting. The world is going to end in 2012 so it wont matter. :)

Hopefully, after the Olympics. ;)

As for the prediction of Android surpassing iPhone's market share -- maybe, maybe not. But if it's going to do that, it'll have to suddenly hit the 'wow' factor and also gain an international distribution, network, and support of some kind.

I hear GOOG and VZN are in bed now but that seems U.S.-centric. To have any prayer of surpassing the iPhone, GOOG is going to have to hook up with a lot of other providers in other nations.

Bin Laden. shows Osama Bin Laden.
shows Osama Bin Laden.

dgree03Apr 21, 09:07 AMLook Android lovers... this is an Apple site. You don't need to call us "Fanboys" in a condescending way here. We are here because we love our Macs, iOS devices or we develop for them and like to keep up on the news. Yes... many here are "fanboys".

We don't care about your customization, your 4G, your ability to steal music or video. It's stupid. You do know you can do all that on an iPhone too (with the exception of 4G - but who cares, very little markets have it). Yes, iTunes manages our music, apps and video, but I can add songs and videos from anywhere... just like you. If I want to be a geek and customize, I can jail break my phone and do all sorts of crazy things. You do realize the average consumer out there could care less right? They just want it to work.

So, anyway... go love your Droid device. It is a nice platform. But sorry to say, it's not going to kill the iPhone or iOS. Apple is good at what it does and consumers love it. Their sales continue to show it.

And, like it or not, Apple is the most influential high-tech company out there right now. They've done more for the PC and the Mobile industry than any other company in the last decade. You should be happy Apple exists as they've woken up many manufactures in the market as to what consumers care about. Quality product. Consistent experience and superior service.

Please... if you want to impress your friends with your customized HTC Thunderbolt, go over to the Android forum and beat your chest and stop the pissing contest here. There's pluses and minuses on both sides and we could argue all day with no productive end result.

I generally agree with your post. My problem is, people comment on stuff they have NO IDEA about on this site. When anybody makes false claims, they should be called out, period. My annoyance is with "fanboys" as they seem incapable of thinking that "their" product my not be the best or the only fish in the pond.

I will defend apple on many things, I will defend android on many things, I will defend windows on many things, I will defend sony, samsung, monster(beats headphones), protools, BMWS, Dodges etc....

I wish more people here can be objective about most things, so we can have a real discussion and like you said NOT "a pissing contest." But sometimes a pissing contest is needed to shut people down who are spreading falsehoods.

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Osama Bin Laden Dead Picture

digitalbikerAug 29, 01:16 PMGreenpeace is not exactly 'agenda-less'. But that seems sort of paranoid to say that they're clearly trying to kill technology, capitalism and innovation. If they wanted to target Apple, or get a lot of publicity, they surely could have done something more dramatic than put them fourth from the bottom of a list.

And honestly, what do we know about Apple's environmental standards (materials used, manufacturing processes, disposal methods, etc.)? I really doubt that most of you (myself included) are industrial engineers, environmental standards auditors or something. Like some previous replies said - some people can't stand the idea that Apple is not great at something, and will lash out at those who criticize it. I mean, I like Apple's stuff, but it's just a company. Keep an open mind...

While I have no information regarding Greenpeace having a grudge against Apple, I would be interested in knowing how Dell managed a higher ranking.

From an outsiders view, I can't really see the difference, envronmentally speaking. I mean,

Apple computers aren't significantly less efficient than Dell computers. I can't image Dell computers being constructed with significantly different materials than Apple.
Both Apple and Dell use the same defective Sony batteries, etc. etc.

So why is Dell near the top and Apple near the bottom?

It sort of does lean one to speculate that maybe someone in Greenpeace is pissed-off at Apple for popularizing the mp3 player and creating even more landfill havoc.

Bin Laden. osama in laden wives pictures
osama in laden wives pictures

alfonsogApr 5, 10:23 PMI "switched" in just barely touched os 9 because it was on there too, but I had os X 10.1 preinstalled.
I used a cpm machine and wordstar 1.0 with a daisy wheel printer for my senior year term paper (1991.) Heavy into DOS and windows 3.xx. Used OS/2 for a long time. Eventually was forced into XP in 2001 and hated it (crashing, internet slow, viruses). I used music notation programs and decided to get an ibook G3 to try on my birthday (October) and then got the iMac G4 (the cool looking one) Jan '02 and never touched vista or 7 and from what I have seen they aren't much better than xp.

The commands take a tiny bit of learning but everything is there somewhere. I was just so happy that to close a program was command-Q(uit) instead of Alt-F4 (why that??)

You can delete, use command-delete; you can move up by command-clicking on the current directory in the title bar (no need to worry what .. or . means unless in terminal); no need to really know where anything is anyway cause spotlight works so well; NO REGISTRY; also for common apps I just have them all startup on bootup and set them up in different spaces depending on type and I don't really close apps and I rarely shut-down anyway so everything is running and on windows it would all come to a grinding halt and crash miserably (at least it used to, not sure now). Also get a SSD machine or aftermarket install one like I did. Also look at my sig, my computer is 5 years old and is still a beast, yes it was $$ but its still perfectly fast and my mom was still using my iBook G3 from 2001 until I just bought her a mini last november.

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The death of Osama in Laden

macoramaSep 12, 03:22 PMthe users at macpredict got the nano and shuffle update dates spot on - shouldn't be too hard to pick the iTV Release Date ( in the lead up to christmas.

I just hope Apple isn't going totally consumer and forgetting the computers!

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this Bin Laden made an

MordJul 12, 05:19 PMjiggy:

your thinking is exactly why most pc's suck, dell ect choose components that are "good enough" or choose some unsuitable cpu because it sounds fast, woodcest makes the most sense to go into the mac pro, conroe into the imac merom into the mbp simple as.

just because something is not for you does not mean how you want it is how it should be, your a kid who likes playing with pc hardware and likes components with "big numbers" and overclockability, and while a quad would be wasted on you it'd be great for people who actually buy mac pro's/powermacs.

you give pc users a bad name it's not the other way around.

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Young SpadeApr 21, 12:04 AMI received my refurb iPad 1 yesterday and was very impressed with how Apple packages their refurbs. Nice!

Went into the Apple store last night to buy a case for the iPad and was ONCE AGAIN drawn to the MacBook Air. Beautiful machine.

Ahhhh, maybe someday... maybe someday. :)

Haha yea I was actually planning on getting one as my first Mac but couldn't at the moment because I didn't have enough cash on hand and would have to wait until the summer. Lo and behold that same day while surfing another forum site, someone was selling their BlackBook which was upgraded for a very good price and I ended up snagging it that night.

Good times.

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Osama Bin Laden began with

Rt&DzineApr 24, 11:19 AMOriginally Posted by ender land
I have personally thought through my beliefs extensively (likely more and more frequently than most of you have thought through your respective beliefs).

What a condescending statement. :rolleyes:

But it's common to assume that you experience more self-examination than others do. Most people don't verbalize it.

Bin Laden. in-laden

AppliedVisualOct 25, 01:17 AMAV/multimedia, how far do you sit from your screen?

I sit about 35 to 40" from my 30" display. Seems to be about the ideal distance. I keep the height adjusted so my eyes looking straight ahead are about 1/4 of the way down from the top of the screen. My primary display is centered straight ahead and the secondary display is on my left on an angle. Works very well. Took some getting used to as I've always had my secondary monitor on the right, but with the room layout, it worked better on the left at my new place. Ah, it's late, but I'll post a picture tomorrow tomorrow night so you can get a feel for what we're talking about. These Dell 30-inchers are just plain cool.

Other than that, I second everything Multimedia said... Although, I already bought my second Dell 30" when it broke the $1400 mark. it's just too cool having 2 of these side by side. It's almost surreal having this kind of desktop real estate. Just be aware that with the G5 Macs, you need an FX4000 of FX4500 video card to use two of these. With the Mac Pro, the FX4500 again, or the ATI X1900xt will run dual 30" displays as well and is a bargain at $240 upgrade when ordering.

Bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden

ricgnzlzcrOct 25, 11:08 PMRight. According to Apple's current pricing, the 2.33GHz Dual Clovertown would be +$800 IF they offer it. However, Apple may only offer the 2.66GHz Dual Clovertown for + $1100 and keep the rest of the offerings priced as they are now.

That way they keep the top 8-core more expensive than any of the less expensive and way less powerful 4-core models. From a marketing point of view this makes a lot more sense to me - since I plan on buying the Dual 2.66GHz Clovertown for +$1100, total $3599 BASE or more if they insist. This is one time when I don't care how much it costs - I need it NOW.

I would understand how your Quad G5 is getting a tad on the slow side;) . I feel pretty intense with my single 1 ghz G4.

Unlike me though, you actually require that processor power. Can't wait till you post your impressions of your OctoMac within an hour of getting it!!

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La Onda Productions Bin Laden

SyddeMar 14, 08:39 PMAs for the divine wind bit...
It was a historical allusion.

Bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden pop art
Osama Bin Laden pop art

toddybodyApr 9, 07:39 PMI wish they'd "poach" Bobby Kotick...and by poach I mean shoot with an elephant gun and mount on Jony Ives wall.

Bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden#39;s former
Osama Bin Laden#39;s former

GGJstudiosApr 14, 03:03 PMStompy, a few posts back somebody mentioned that the OP was later banned. That might explain why he hasn't come back.
The OP was not banned. Just check the 1st post of this thread to see the OP is still around.

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Bin Laden took a path of

MacAddict1978Apr 15, 10:50 AMPersonally, I think it's great. However, they should be careful. Moves like this have the potential to alienate customers. That said, props to the employees.

That's really a funny comment, as I've yet see any company suffer for GLBT support. I mean Starbucks, Target, The Gap, American Express, MasterCard, Goldman Sachs, Bank Of America, Best Buy, Barnes & Nobel, AT&T, Verizon, Dell, The Home Depot, Marshalls, Quest, Sprint, Disney, Whole Foods, BP, and well gee, I could go on and on. Yes. There have been boycotts and pickets of all these companies. NOT.

I'm curious as to the 70 people who rated this negative. But it's great that the overwhelming majority rated it a positive. I don't think anyone can understand how important it is to send messages like this that hasn't been through it.

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Osama in Laden Video

PeterkroMar 12, 08:45 PM^^ It's hard not to veer from apocalypse to there's no problem,but I think a pragmatic view would be that there are serious problems (injecting seawater is a novel and DIY approach) but a meltdown is probably not on the cards,nevertheless they've got major problems,at least some core damage has happened but the reactors are shut down they've just got to get rid of the heat,so far so good.

New TEPCo press release:

* High Pressure Coolant Injection System of Unit 3 automatically stopped.

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Osama in Laden apologised to

Macky-MacMar 26, 08:08 PMPoor archbishop Tomasi hasn't been able to accept that the public is increasingly appalled with his church's stance on sex and that the public is increasingly offended by his church's continuing attempts to impose its beliefs on the general public.

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Bush Admits Bin Laden#39;s Help

Apple OCApr 22, 10:33 PMIt's the Eye of Providence! The all seeing eye of God. It also has some sort of connection to the Freemasons (I'm not sure how true that is!).

Thanks for that ... I also find the "Federal Reserve" a little mysterious

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Hussein Bin Laden is a

ccrandall77Sep 12, 03:24 PMThis was the product I was really waiting for. It's cool, but I'm disappointed it doesn't have a DVD player and it looks like it probably won't work with EyeTV. So, I guess I'm sticking with my MacMini on the TV and hoping for a better version of FrontRow soon.

Of course, if this is like the Airport Express and can be used as a WiFi router (and hopefully it's 802.11n compliant), then I could see moving the iMac out of the bedroom and just hooking this baby up to a small LCD TV. I can always use Handbrake to create a streamable video file.

Bin Laden. Osama in Laden
Osama in Laden

munkeryMay 3, 12:15 AMYes, and that prevents AntiVirus 2010 from successfully collecting credit card info too.

Check out this quote about the latest variant of that Windows malware called Antivirus 2011.

You're blocked from executing anything else, including trying to run your real anti-virus program.

This virus program renders your entire computer useless until you can get it removed. And some of its many variants are becoming immune to existing removal tools.

From here,

BTW, it renders Windows useless by corrupting the registry. No registry in OS X.

Luckily, this type of malware on a Mac is not nearly as bad if your clumsy enough to get infected. You can even remove it from the account that is infected without having to boot into a safe mode.

This post made me have to edit a previous post. Thought I should quote it,

Problems with Windows security in comparison to Mac OS X presented just in this thread:

1) Greater number of privilege escalation vulnerabilities:

Here is a list of privilege escalation (UAC bypass) vulnerabilities just related to Stuxnet (win32k.sys) in Windows in 2011:

Here is a list of all of the privilege escalation vulnerabilities in Mac OS X in 2011:

2) Earlier versions of NT based Windows (Windows XP and earlier) do not use discretionary access controls by default.

3) Permissions system does not include a user defined unique identifier (password) by default. More susceptible to user space exploitation leading to authentication stolen via spoofed prompt that appears unrelated to UAC because password not associated with authentication.

4) Windows sandbox mechanism relies on inherited permissions so that turning off UAC turns off the sandbox. This sandbox has been defeated in the wild (in the last two pwn2owns).

I do not know of any TrustedBSD MAC framework (BSD and Mac sandbox), AppArmor (openSUSE and Ubuntu), or SE Linux (Fedora) mandatory access control escapes? These sandbox mechanisms do not rely on inherited permissions.

5) The Windows registry is a single point of failure that can be leveraged by malware.

MultimediaOct 9, 10:21 AMI meant quad-core package (socket) - be it Clovertown/Woodcrest or Kentsfield/Conroe.

On a multi-threaded workflow, twice as many somewhat slower threads are better than half as many somewhat faster threads.

Of course, many desktop applications can't use four cores (or 8), and many feel "snappier" with fewer, faster cores.

In one demo at IDF, Intel showed a dual Woodie against the top Opteron.

The Woody was about 60% faster, using 80% of the power.

On stage, they swapped the Woodies with low-voltage Clovertowns which matched the power envelope of the Woodies that they removed. I think they said that the Clovertowns were 800 MHz slower than the Woodies.

With the Clovertowns, the system was 20% faster than the Woodies (even at 800 MHz slower per core), at almost exactly the same wattage (1 or 2 watts more). This made it 95% faster than the Opterons, still at 80% of the power draw.

You can see the demo at - look for Gelsinger's keynote the second day.After watching that video I am more hyped up about getting the 8-core Mac Pro than before for my Multi-Threaded Workload. I also watched the Otellini Keynote ( and was struck by Phil Schiller's appearance where he REFUSED to utter the phrase "Core 2 Duo" with regard to the 24" iMac on stage. I was shocked and appalled that he made no mention it is Core 2 Duo. He called it a Core Duo iMac. Blows me away he forgot to say the "2" part.

I can't tell if that was intentional on his part or not. :eek:

BJNYNov 1, 05:14 PMIf one follows the link,
the cooler Clovertons are much lower GHz.

toddybodyApr 15, 10:33 AMYou would be one of them. It stings when the mirror is held up in front of you, doesn't it? I was like you at one time too, and I know where you are right now. At some point, you will come to understand that there is a difference between people who are simply trying to be themselves (us) and people who are trying to keep us from being ourselves (social conservatives). One deserves respect, one does not.

Dude! Youre trying to advocate for understanding and the same time LABELING "Social Conservatives" as the enemy? Totally lame, sorry but that hurts your credibility. Im sure theres plently of these horrid "social conservatives" that would and do lay down their lives to serve you and the freedoms you enjoy. But yeah, I suppose they dont deserve any respect. :mad:

ACEDMar 18, 04:15 PMLike, where's my credit for providing Macrumors with the link/story, about 8 hours ago???

Guess that 'DRM' has been stripped....hmmm...the irony

Jack StacksMar 18, 09:33 AMAT&T already gets $50 I'll be damned if I pay anymore for the 1 time a month I actuly need to pull up a full web page due to flash. Yes they get $50 for data, $30 for my unlimited plan (I use ~1gb) and $20 for unlimited texts which is simply insanely small amounts of data.

What contract did I physically sigm when I got my phone? The only thing I signed was a credit card receipt. All you idiots need to read up about Ma Bell and the **** they tried pulling years ago. It's headed back in that direction now.

To all the morons who say if you don't like it don't get it. Your right the carriers should rule over ours lives. We should simply not have phones if we don't want to grab our ankles and like it, every time the phone companies come up with a new way to stick it to us.

Weak minds will continue to be brainwashed by larger corporations site any TOS you want. Your the same people that argued about how AT&T needed 2 years to get MMS to work, and they were right. Probably the same lot that gladly ponied up extra cash to unclock Bluetooth and ringtones on your celluar one / vzn phones.

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