osama bin laden dead

osama bin laden dead. Osama Bin Laden dead,
Osama Bin Laden dead,

Sounds GoodApr 14, 10:15 PMNah, no feathers were ruffled.

Just trying to show some FEELING by using UPPER CASE words. ;)

osama bin laden dead. Osama Bin Laden Dead: Inside
Osama Bin Laden Dead: Inside

mikethebigoApr 8, 10:46 PMThis shows how much Apple has learned from the past. They will not make the same mistake they did during the Mac vs. PC era by ignoring games. They're throwing the best mobile GPUs into their products and advertising gaming heavily, good for them.

osama bin laden dead. Osama Bin Laden#39;s death
Osama Bin Laden#39;s death

Lord BlackadderAug 29, 03:55 PMI dislike Greenpeace - their list may or may not have some relevance but this is one messanger I wouldn't mind shooting.

osama bin laden dead. Osama Bin Laden Dead. death of
Osama Bin Laden Dead. death of

lighthouse_manApr 13, 03:01 AMWhy are you people comparing one app price tag to the whole suite price tag? For all we know, all the suite apps will be released individually and will total what the full suite now costs.

osama bin laden dead. Osama Bin Laden DEAD.
Osama Bin Laden DEAD.

SpectrumAug 29, 01:09 PMAnd do I care? Nah. Not one bit.
That doesn't surprise me in the slightest. Send my regards to your great-grandchildren will you?

osama bin laden dead. Osama Bin Laden is dead,
Osama Bin Laden is dead,

redAPPLESep 12, 04:07 PMwhere is the pre-order list, where i can register? :D

osama bin laden dead. Osama bin Laden Dead and New.
Osama bin Laden Dead and New.

paradox00Oct 7, 12:15 PMNone of these things play any role for the iPhone market share.
Far more relevant are:
- cheaper low-end models, iPhone Nano (not that likely)
- dropping provider exclusiveness (very likely, already happening: UK, Canada, more to come)

Completely agree.

osama bin laden dead. Re Osama bin Laden Dead.
Re Osama bin Laden Dead.

Apple OCApr 22, 09:03 PMBecause it's harder to imagine that an intelligent designer had a hand in it than it is to imagine that everything happened by chance?.

Intelligent Designer? ...

try to imagine how things could evolve and change over 4.5 Billion years ... that's right Billion.

to think that the earth is only several thousand years old ... IMO is not intelligent or rational thinking.

osama bin laden dead. is osama bin laden dead.
is osama bin laden dead.

AduntuApr 24, 12:29 AMWhere does the Bible say that we have free will? Did not God predefine all actions?

Also, why does everything in the universe operate as if there were no god(evolution, big bang, evil, starvation)? Is God lazy?

If the bible really taught that God predetermined everything, wouldn't that mean that God intended for Adam and Eve to sin, resulting in thousands of years of turmoil for humans? If God had everything already planned, what would be the point of sending his son Jesus to the earth? If he knew Jesus would remain perfect and die in that state, it would completely defeat the purpose. Jesus' death balanced the scales that were tipped by the first man and woman sinning against God and ultimately dying. If God already planned for Jesus to succeed and return to heaven, it wouldn't have been a sacrifice. It would just mean that God was orchestrating this entire history of human kind for some unknown reason. That doctrine completely contradicts the entire premise of Christianity and the bible.

Regarding your second comment, doesn't that point equally support the argument that there really is a God? I understand what you're saying, but I'm not sure it excludes the possibility of intelligent design. You said everything operates as if there was no God, but isn't it possible that God put everything in motion perfectly, not requiring recurring involvement? (The bible doesn't teach that God is responsible for the turmoil in the world. It cites man's actions as the originator of these problems. I'm not implying that God set man's problems in motion.)

osama bin laden dead. Osama Bin Laden Dead Videos
Osama Bin Laden Dead Videos

notabadnameApr 20, 05:40 PMLargest App store . . .

Interesting and "generic" use by Apple execs. This could be used against them, as compared to saying that our "App Store" is the largest of any of the available applications stores. Subtle, but significant.

osama bin laden dead. Osama Bin Laden Dead:Al Qaeda
Osama Bin Laden Dead:Al Qaeda

Sounds GoodApr 9, 02:27 PMThe fact that a Mac notebook normally runs high temps is not a flaw, or "issue" or problem. They are designed to run at such temps. The fact that those who are new to Mac are unfamiliar with this doesn't make it a flaw. They just need to adjust their thinking.
Adjust their thinking? With all due respect, I hate this type of (fill in the blank).

So then, if someone can use their Windows laptop on their lap -- while wearing shorts -- without a problem... then they try using a Mac laptop the same way but they burn their legs (or worse)... you would suggest that they just need to adjust their thinking?


osama bin laden dead. osama bin laden died.
osama bin laden died.

ErasmusOct 13, 04:09 AMOK, does anyone know how well Matlab (7.1 I suppose) is threaded?

Have run some batch files linking 90 simulations in total, which took a few days of continuous running to complete. This is on a 2.x Ghz (Can't remember exactly) P4 at Uni. Could anyone tell me how much better a Kentsfield or dual Clovertowns would run Matlab? (only one application open at once, else its cheating) Would this change between running Matlab under OSX or XP?

Thanks in advance.

osama bin laden dead. Osama Bin Laden dead, killed
Osama Bin Laden dead, killed

firestarterMar 13, 11:50 AMJapans main problem, at this time, seems to be that someone thought it was a good idea to build the plants on the Pacific Rim

Japan doesn't really have a choice BUT to build plants on the Pacific Rim, since that's where the country is located.

That, the lack of domestic oil and gas (90% of oil used in electric power is from the Middle East), plus a small highly populated country (rules out big hydropower) and they haven't got many options left. Linky (http://eneken.ieej.or.jp/data/en/data/pdf/433.pdf).

osama bin laden dead. “The picture of in Laden#39;s
“The picture of in Laden#39;s

jmsait19Mar 18, 02:36 PMOh! There goes the email from Gorog to the Music Labels!

even so, if an itms song's drm is cracked, you still payed 99 cents for it. where if the napster to go drm is cracked, people have thousands of songs for 15 bucks a month. which hurts more?

osama bin laden dead. osama bin laden dead body.
osama bin laden dead body.

jswMar 18, 10:00 AMObviously, Apple will freak (what else is new...), but all this does is provide a shortcut around the burn-to-CD-and-rerip shortcut that's built into iTunes. You still need to buy the music. So, at best, this makes it easier to share music, but it doesn't provide a new capability.

I think it's a great convenience. I'm just saying that the inevitable wrath-of-God response from Apple is somewhat unwarranted.

osama bin laden dead. Osama Bin Laden Dead Shirt by
Osama Bin Laden Dead Shirt by

SPUY767Jul 12, 08:58 AMI doubt that Apple are able to charge the "normal" Mac premium after the intel transition, since it is much simpler to compare Macs with another PCs. Almost like Apple for Apple. ;)

Name another consumer workstation with a XEON Processor in it. For XEON based machines, the Apple's will be a deal, much like the XServes were the cheapest 1u you could get with the power.

osama bin laden dead. Osama bin Laden Dead
Osama bin Laden Dead

toddybodyApr 15, 10:33 AMYou would be one of them. It stings when the mirror is held up in front of you, doesn't it? I was like you at one time too, and I know where you are right now. At some point, you will come to understand that there is a difference between people who are simply trying to be themselves (us) and people who are trying to keep us from being ourselves (social conservatives). One deserves respect, one does not.

Dude! Youre trying to advocate for understanding and openness...at the same time LABELING "Social Conservatives" as the enemy? Totally lame, sorry but that hurts your credibility. Im sure theres plently of these horrid "social conservatives" that would and do lay down their lives to serve you and the freedoms you enjoy. But yeah, I suppose they dont deserve any respect. :mad:

osama bin laden dead. Osama Bin Laden Is Dead
Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

iBug2Apr 20, 07:50 PMPeople should drop the Ferrari analogy, because it's totally off the mark. Ferrari is better than pretty much anything else, on almost every aspect you can think of, except size.

An iPhone isn't better than an Android phone on all aspects, it's better in certain ones and worse in others. Overall I prefer Apple's ecosystem when it comes to personal computing, and when it comes to cellphones, I just bought an iPhone (1st gen) because I'm an Apple user anyway, and it seemed pretty amazing in 2007 when Jobs introduced it, and I'm still using my 1st gen.

osama bin laden dead. Osama Bin Laden Dead
Osama Bin Laden Dead

ElfearNov 2, 06:47 PMI'm not sure how the app (Maya) itself scales but the rendering in Mental Ray scales perfectly. 4 cpus render twice as fast as 2, 6 cpus render 3 times as fast as 2. That's if all the cpus are the same of course.

Is that what you were asking?

Yup. That was exactly what I needed to know. I just didn't want to recommend that my buddy buy two quadcores unless it was going to help out his render times. Thanks again.

mixelApr 10, 10:36 AMExcept . . . it is.

The REAL story here isn't whether mobile gaming - the likes of which we see *currently* and the likes of which we will see in the *near future* (this is just the tip of the iceberg) will be a major force in gaming (it already is) but rather, that "hardcore gamers" feel so threatened by this.
No they don't, they don't see it as a legitimate threat because it has very little industry support. Hardcore gamers would probably welcome a new serious player in the market. Bring it on Apple.. Many of us want buttons but there are good uses for touch screens too. People were the same before Sony AND MS entered the market.. Largely dismissive.

I would be worried if touch was going to "supercede" buttons/sticks/etc, but that is seriously never going to happen. tactile controls are actually more intuitive than remappable non-buttons that work differently for every title.

And here's an even deeper fear of theirs, buried in the subtext: that in time, console gaming will shift to a touch-based tablet paradigm - possibly not in terms a complete replacement for consoles, but in terms of the way developers (and big-name developers) shift their attention to mobile gaming at the expense of consoles, in order to enjoy possibly far greater profits thanks to a much larger audience. After all, consoles are severely limited in their current state. Gaming and maybe Blu Ray playback. Mobile devices, however, offer a galaxy of possibilities - soon to be indispensable tools for nearly everyone.
I don't think anyone's seriously worried about that. It would be a bad thing but i'd not call it threatening. How will they make much larger profits in a market where everything's competing to charge minute amounts? You realise how much money is in the games industry as it is? They've had long enough to start to "shift their attention to mobile gaming at the expense of consoles" - Why isn't there any sign that this is actually happening? At all? Show us the games.. I want them. XD

Imagine big-name, premier titles appearing on mobile devices first before being ported over to that box you hook up to the TV with the big-button controller that RROD'd just last month?

It's really amusing.

Welcome, gamers.

You seem to have no idea how game development works. They aren't going to be building for mobile devices then scaling up to much more powerful home consoles at any point in the foreseeable future.. It would make absolutely NO sense.

There's space in the market for multiple players and various control schemes. :)

Kinect being the fastest selling consumer electronic device in history tells you a lot about the legitimacy of the non-Apple gaming market. And the crazy sales of the Wii, DS etc. Even the PSP is selling in massive amounts in Japan still. The crazy Apple-centric perspective of so many people here is frustrating. There is more stuff going on in technology than what Apple dictates.

WiiDSmokerApr 20, 09:31 PMNo, of course not. I just find it interesting that someone who clearly dislikes a company and its products so much has so much free time to spend on a board for people who do enjoy said company and products.

So this site is for fanboys only?

edifyingGerbilApr 23, 03:03 PMI haven't yet heard a good argument from a theist that used the principles of entropy or thermodynamics.

Could you put forth one of those points?


Of course this is a Christian Apologetics site so necessarily biased.

takaoMar 13, 06:47 AMIt won't be an issue. Please refer to my previous post in this thread.

I feel like the fear mongering done by the international media is just unreal-- is everyone that uneducated?

well flooding the inner containment vessel with seawater + added boric acid is by all means an absolute last resort option in any playbook
(hardly a DIY solution: many reactors have the option and external connectors to do just that)
afterall they don't even know the situation inside because the temperature sensors aren't working anymore
also since that water can't be exchanged directly it means that they might have to cool the containment construction from the outside with additional water

obviously it won't be a disaster on the scale of chernobyl but it is already high up on the scale of disasters (6 reactors without cooling, 2 core meltdowns), it's pretty much confirmed that nuclear material has been spilled even if it was just hydrogen blowing up the external construction
it shouldn't be forgotten IMHO that a lot of radition will be spilled in the clean up progress (not only radiation: boric acid is actually quite toxic)

as a consequence the german government for example is already thinking about taking back their early decision to extend the use of their current nuclear plants

edit: according to some reports the evacuation zone was extended to 20 km
edit: don't forget that reducing the heat of a molten core might take quite some time so i wouldn't call the danger off as well: even when being cooled it still might have just enough remaining heat to melt through the bottom of the pressure chamber. i suspect we will know more in 24 hours

Lesser EvetsApr 28, 07:35 AMAlmost all of that is due to the iPad. They had around 4% of the global market for computers last year.

And growth is bad?


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