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skellenerSep 12, 04:25 PMThis is the perfect device for Apple to start selling subscriptions to shows to replace cable. Wouldn't you rather pay for only the shows that you watch?

You are absolutely correct!

Repeat after me...there will NEVER be a DVR from Apple...there will NEVER be a DVR from Apple...there will NEVER be a DVR from Apple...there will NEVER be a DVR from Apple...there will NEVER be a DVR from Apple...there will NEVER be a DVR from Apple...there will NEVER be a DVR from Apple...

Apple does not want you to record television. They want you to purchase shows from iTunes! Case in point iTV.

As fas as wouldn't I rather pay for only the shows I watch? Sure! But Apple's current pricing is much to prohibitive. It's cheaper for me to pay $50 a month for DirecTV with the HD option than to pay $2 a pop per tiny 320x240 (oops, excuse me 640x480) episode. The price needs to come down and the quality needs to go up (again) for me to ditch DirecTV. I would be happy to do it, if the price/quality meets my needs. Maybe by 2008?

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edifyingGerbilApr 24, 06:20 PM"interestingly, as the muslim population increases so too do reported cases of anti-semitic hate crimes."

Will people ever learn the whole correlation/causation thing? Come on. That line is NOTHING but a twisted attempt to cast the muslim population in a bad light. News flash people there are 1.5 BILLION Muslims in the world. If the religion is as dangerous as some would like us to believe, rather than just plain old extremism (as any religion has), then the world would be in total ruins by now. After all, a whole quarter of the world population is comprised entirely of terrorists :rolleyes:

Side note on correlation/causation

Interesting theory in International Relations:

No two countries with a McDonalds has been to war with one another in the last 30 years, therefore it is clear that McDonalds causes world peace.

You're saying the Middle-East, Maghreb, Persia, Central Asia, Pakistan/Afghanistan are not ruins?

Christian extremists bomb abortion clinics and are condemned categorically by many different mainstream Christian groups. Muslims bomb churches/barracks/checkpoints/bomb shelters and very few, if any high up clerics, condemn them. Who condemned the slaying of that Jewish family in Israel/gaza? They knifed a 3 month old toddler... Later, in Gaza, Hamas was handing out sweets and the people were celebrating.

The Christians who kill do not do so in the name of Christ, who would have been repulsed at their actions. It's not sanctioned anywhere in the Bible.

The Muslims, on the other hand....

Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your enemies (Qur'an 8:60).

^ divine sanction for terrorism. It's a late surah too, so any surah about islam being tolerant, and no compulsion in religion, and do not murder are abrogated by it.

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osama in laden family guy.

charliehustleOct 8, 11:16 AMthe reason this topic has gotten so long is due to the fact that most apple fans have no idea what they're talking about..
they love apple and they will defend it to the death, even when their argument has no logic..

this has nothing to do with which product is better..

it's the simple fact that android will be available on a greater number of handsets compared to apple..

you guys need to look at the Microsoft vs Apple situation..
regardless of what you prefer or believe is a better product,
the one that makes software and licenses it out dominates the market share

you really must have a thick skull not to understand that..

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Rodimus PrimeOct 7, 04:33 PMFar as jailbreaking, to put it in perspective, look how bad Verizon cripples ALL their phones on release. Yea I have to hack the iphone to install maybe 5 choice apps I can't get otherwise, but at least my phone didn't have its GPS and bluetooth disabled, RAM cut in half, wi-fi disabled so I'd have to use 3g even though I'm at home, etc

And how does carrier matter at all in your argument. Sorry but that entire augment there has no meaning in this debate.

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HowdrMar 18, 11:39 AMWhy do they have to charge for tethering? It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. If I tether a lot, I will use more than 2 gigs in a month. Charge me extra at that point. At least they now give you 2 Gig extra for your tethering money. I would just prefer to not pay for that extra 2 gig until I need it. I only need to tether once a month at best, so I don't want to pay for a bunch of tethering. I also don't want to leave my unlimited plan. Sadly, I have never gone over 2 GB, but I like knowing that I don't have to worry about it.
Because it get's you off the unlimited GF plan then.

If you go Data pro you must decline the unlimited GF ( the way i understand it)

You see there is a reason for this two fold

At&t hates unlimited Iphone users, they do

if you have the 2gb plan and you go over you get 1gb more = 25 plus $10 = 35 and then go over to 3.1gb = 25 + 10 +10 = $45
5gb would be $55. so they loose $25 a month from every unlimited who tethers up to 5gb

20gb? would cost $205 a month right?

The person who used 90gb a month? $25 plus $880 or $1005 in usage ( profit loss) to At&t

You all yell contract contract, At&t yells profits profits profits.

even if you pay for tethering and use 3.9gb a month
its 45 vs 30 a month, do 15 x 50,000 theoretically thats a loss of 750,000 a month profit for At&t or 9,000,000 USD a year, I think capturing this would make my boss happy wouldn't it?

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in laden family tree.

Apple OCApr 22, 10:02 PMMost Atheists do not preach at others to not believe ... they just do not buy into the concept that religious people hang onto.

almost every religious group will try to convince people to believe in some Mythical God ... even referring to it as spreading the word of God.

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NT1440Nov 5, 10:02 PMI completely beleive it will surpass the iphone in marketshare, after all its going to be on just about every popular cell phone in the future, as well as crap phones. You gain marketshare when you flood the market, just like windows.

That said, from what I've read, android is actually a good platform, meaning that apple will continue to innovate to stay ahead.

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eric_n_dfwMar 20, 07:19 PMBut what if I got hold of that wedding video and decided to, I dunno, turn it into a music video for my own music... and that music video got onto MTV? No one is losing out on any money. No one is being hurt. I'm not stealing. I'm -merely- infringing copyright.
The videographer is being hurt, you and/or MTV have stolen the royalties they are due. (Asuming you are saying that it is someone else's video, not one that you shot and/or editted together.)

If it was produced by a videographer, they were probably smart enough to mark it with a copyright (you don't have to file anything to do so) and then they can sue you for that infringement because you are profitting off of his/her work. (Or, more likely, they'd sue Viacom for broadcast of their video without permission since they have the deeper pockets. But Viacom probably is imune because you signed a paper saying you owned said production - THEN they'd sue you.)

The theft in this is the result of the infringement. By admitting it's infringement, you are admitting that it's illegal. The only reason to copyright something is to protect your interests from those who would, well, infringe on them. :rolleyes:

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in laden family tree.

paulveeOct 26, 10:59 AMI'm actually pretty thrilled with my new Dual 3.0 Xeon. Should hold me in good stead for a couple of years of heavy video crunching and motion graphics, as well as photoshop once it goes native. In the meantime, I use my Dual G5 2.0 for that.

And when the Octos get updated in a year and a half, I can be the first to jump on that bandwagon.

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Cox OrangeApr 16, 07:00 AMMoving files of course...

oh, ok, couldn't think that one could think of actually "cutting" a programm out of its place and "pasting" it in another place. :) Now, I understand what people mean by whole other way of thinking things.

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archipellagoMay 2, 04:32 PMSuch a load of crap that is.

'we've interviewed hackers after conviction'


I work for one of the biggest bank in the world and specialise in bank fraud, we liaise with the major law enforcement group all over the world.

Cutting a deal with a hacker, if we can get one who's up high enough can save millions....with the right info.

mac users tend to be socially engineered via simpler methods anyway, wonder why that is...? :rolleyes:

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R.PerezMar 13, 03:46 PMOne word.

Night (

One word.


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Bin Laden Family Tree Page 2.

samdweckOct 7, 07:11 PMyes, we can still be friends, and i am sorry about comparing you to hitler... i am jewish and know the seriousness of that!

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GelfinMar 26, 01:13 AM"church" is more like wherever-the-Hell-you-want.

The governments job is enforcing the will of the people because it derives its power from consent of the govered

The Constitution of the United States forbids tyranny of the majority by denying the government the power to deprive anyone of liberty without a compelling state interest in doing so. A powerful majority may not simply outlaw an unpopular minority.

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DenariusMar 15, 09:56 PMI still regard nuclear fission as the best option among fossil fuel technologies to get us over the hump until alternative energy sources can cover 100% of demand and/or nuclear fusion is ready for commercial use. I still would prefer us to phase out coal, oil, gas and trash burning plants before we shut down our nuclear reactors as they have better carbon footprints and the mining of their fuel is overall less damaging than coal strip mining. Do we need to quickly move away from Gen I and II technology and get to at least III+ technology for all of our reactors, absolutely, but exiting nuclear fission technology at least in the short to midterm seems like a poor choice to me.


Agreed, nuclear Fusion's the best hope in the long term although I'm sure many will believe that's evil as well because of the word 'nuclear' being there.

Little bit of trivia, did you know that hospital CAT scanners were originally called NMR scanners (nuclear magnetic resonance), but they changed the name because it scared people? Why hasn't anybody coined the word 'nuclearphobe' yet :rolleyes:

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EvangelionMar 20, 09:44 AMIf you go to a concert, theatre play, any kind of performance or into any of fee-charging class or course and smuggle yourself in through some kind of backdoor without paying for the ticket or the course, did you steal anything?

Not according to your logic.

Should this behaviour be allowed?

So, what did I steal? Steal: To take (the property of another) without right or permission. Note: I'm no saying whether it's right or wrong, I'm merely discussing whether it's stealing or not. The example you gave is not stealing. I did not take anothers property without his permission.

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Bin Laden: A life of

hanpaOct 7, 10:39 AMProbably, unless Apple recognizes the competition and responds by:
- Removal of 3g cellular restrictions not technically motivated at least outside of the US
- Allowing at least music apps like Spotify to run in the background
- Improving the app approval process to become more like the Android process
- Flash support in Safari (with an option to disable this)
- SDK that can execute on other platforms like Windows or Linux and that uses a more user-friendly and intuitive language than Objective-C

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arkitectApr 15, 10:03 AMyou obviously must not know very many gay people, personally. This lifestyle does not come without baggage and high-priced trade offs. Anyone who says there's no inconveniences and struggles with being gay/lesbian is full ****.

Umm… sweetheart… I am a 47yo gay man (married).

I think most of your problems lie within. Self-hate is not the way forward.

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TimothyMar 19, 01:43 PMLong post, my apologies.

No apologies needed. It was well-said, and I agree with you completely.

The ongoing justification of bypassing or defeating the DRM, as though this is somehow a "moral" action is pathetic. Period.

MordJul 13, 10:12 AMthe price difference between a 2.33/2.4 conroe is going to be like 20 bucks in the volume apple is getting, maybe less, memory has about a 60 buck difference for a pair of 512 sticks so it runs up to about 30 bucks in bulk and the motherboard is going to cost about 50 more to apple, thats a total of 100 bucks which will probably be made back by saveings in overhead and support costs.

ariza910Sep 12, 04:39 PMWasnt Steve Jobs demo of the Incredibles movie through iTV in HD?

Since the iTV has HDMI and Component it leads me to belive that it will handle HD as well as SD content.

robbieduncanMar 14, 12:12 PMWhile the idea is ridiculous Lewis Carroll (who was a mathematician amongst other things:rolleyes:) did some work on the problem and in a fictional work came up with this:

"In Chapter 7 of Lewis Carroll's 1893 book Sylvie and Bruno. The fictional German professor, Mein Herr, proposes a way to run trains by gravity alone. Dig a straight tunnel between any two points on Earth (it need not go through the Earth's center), and run a rail track through it. With frictionless tracks the energy gained by the train in the first half of the journey is equal to that required in the second half. And also, in the absence of air resistance and friction, the time of the journey is about 42 minutes (84 for a round trip) for any such tunnel, no matter what the tunnel's length."


It's a cool idea but the frictionless materials to build the tracks from don't exist outside physics exam papers :(

blahblah100Apr 28, 12:20 PMPlease, don't buy Macs for your business. we IT support people love PCs, as these generate a lot of revenue for us.
We love it every time a PC user calls us with problems and we get to charge $100's to solve them.:D

Ah, Geek Squad... Do they let you drive the Bug?

greenstorkSep 20, 05:49 PMJust thought I'd add some tidbits to the DVR discussion. As a few others have pointed out, El Gato and others don't do digital cable content. Digital cable is encoded and the only way to decode it currently is with a cable company set-top box or a CableCARD.

Any device that is capable of accepting a CableCARD must be certified by CableLabs, which is setup and run by all of the cable companies.

CableLabs certified CableCARD devices go through a rigorous certification process. There are a handful of televisions certified and only one DVR, the TiVo Series 3. Windows Media Centers have been waiting for CableCARDs for years but CableLabs won't certify Media Center PCs until Vista comes out, with it's much stronger DRM. Because OS X's/Quicktime's DRM just isn't that difficult to hack, it's going to be a long time before we see a CableCARD capable device working in or alongside a Mac. In other words, Macs won't be recording a digital TV stream for a couple of years at least.

Sure, you could hook up a set-top box to your Mac but then the signal has been converted from digital to analog, back to digital again. Also, you have no control over the channel unless you implement some IR blaster device or something. And that solution is far from easy to use, I'll stick with my TiVo for high definition dual channel recording.


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