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Mr. Bean Laden Funny Picture

DrewnrupeSep 21, 12:08 PM[LIST]

Mr Bean Laden Funny Picture. Mr. Bean Laden Funny Picture
Mr. Bean Laden Funny Picture

emotionSep 24, 03:52 AMIf Apple does force the thing to need a computer, I think they need to come out with an 'iTunes server' box that can fufill the same role, and it has to be cheap.

Mac Mini? I suspect that's exactly what Apple wants to drive sales of.

I know, they need to be cheaper.

Mr Bean Laden Funny Picture. Mr. Bean Laden Funny Picture
Mr. Bean Laden Funny Picture

SuperCachetesApr 23, 11:09 PMI have personally thought through my beliefs extensively (likely more and more frequently than most of you have thought through your respective beliefs).

What a condescending statement. :rolleyes:

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grin Osama+bin+laden+funny

KnightWRXMay 2, 09:53 AMArchive Utility will not extract these type of ZIP files to their system paths. I believe it will force the use of relative paths. I really doubt any reports that this malware can be installed without user interaction.

You're right, I just tested this. A zip file created with -jj (absolute paths) does not unzip to the absolute paths using Archive Utility. It unzips it to the current path.

So this requires 100% user intervention to install.

Mr Bean Laden Funny Picture. Mr Bean Laden Funny Picture.
Mr Bean Laden Funny Picture.

bigwigOct 26, 12:36 AM8. Pfft. I'm holding out for 64 cores.
You could just get one of these (

It supports up to 512 processors under one instance of Linux and as much as 128TB of globally shared memory.

Just convince Apple to buy SGI.

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Mr. Bean Laden Funny Picture

javajediOct 9, 02:19 PMOriginally posted by gopher
Even more interesting was the advertisement from Apple when the Blue and White G3 came out, and how cool the case was when it opened so simply, they said the "Mac was more open-minded." What amazes me though is there are still just as many Windows users who are biggots in this world as Mac users who are, or even more so. Being though in the minority as we are, Mac users feel all the more need to defend themselves against this biggotted crowd. Apple is trying its hardest to level the playing field by its Switch campaign, and show that it is on the same playing field so that Windows users can't ignore us and demean us with lies, fabrications, and these myths. Only we have some people come on this board who claim that the Mac is much slower. For what purpose? How do we fight ignorance? I work with PCs only because the job I enjoy the most is run by an organization that is biased against Macs, and I'm not in the position to decide how to move Macs into the organization. But it certainly doesn't help to have people who would bad mouth the Mac. It makes us feel more in the minority and feel more the need to defend ourselves. Let's stop this attrocity. Show them what the Mac can do, and it is a viable solution. And Arne, if you are reading these boards, please delete clearly PC biased hate posts ASAP.

Actually you are solidifying my point. How do we fight ignorance? It's very simple. You fight ignorance with facts; you fight ignorance with truth. As far as "But it certainly doesn't help to have people who would bad mouth the Mac..." No. Myself, and the many people on this board who share my viewpoint are not hurting the Mac. We are being sincere, honost and truthful. If you think my post was a "PC biased hate post" you are deeply mistaken. I'm sorry if you can't understand that.

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of mr bean laden funny,

thisisahughesApr 8, 10:49 PMMy thoughts exactly. It almost has to be the next step for :apple:

I guess. I figure they will eventually, but I hope Apple releases an actual TV first.

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Mr. Bean Laden Funny Picture

jav6454Mar 18, 01:49 AMYeah, because ever since the iTunes store opened, I haven't had the need...

Unless it's Metallica, then I'm all for ripping those guys off, just to mess with them!

TBH, I've never used music sharing sites. I have actually obtained physical copies of the original CD and ripped that. Other hard to find songs I do buy. So, your whole napster deal doesn't apply to me.

As per tethering, hell to the NO am I changing to a tiered plan.

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Mr Bean Laden Funny Picture.

r.j.sMay 2, 11:26 AMYou mean like the OS X pop up that asks for your password for the umpteenth time ? ;)

Users are as conditioned to just enter it on OS X as they are on clicking Allow on Windows.

Huge difference in my experience. The Windows UAC will pop up for seemingly mundane things like opening some files or opening applications for the first time, where as the OS X popup only happens during install of an app - in OS X, there is an actual logical reason apparent to the user. It is still up to the user to ensure the software they are installing is from a trusted source, but the reason for the password is readily apparent.

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in laden logo bin laden funny.

CaryMacGuyMay 5, 04:20 PMI consistantly drop calls. I will be just sitting in the living room or in a bedroom and BOOM call drop. I am not even moving around and a call will drop. It is really frustrating.

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in laden funny cartoon osama.

gugySep 20, 06:22 PMI think the ITV just needs to be able to stream video (HDTV and standard), Photos and music.
My Mac is the hub, a place where I can record my TV shows using elgato and then stream it to ITV. Use itunes to buy movies, tv shows and music and then stream it to my ITV.

Simplicity is the key. I don't need ITV to have a superdrive or DVD. I have that on my Mac. Plus everybody nowadays have their own DVD player on the entertainment room. I have Laserdisc player, CD player, VHS, dishnetwork DVR and a receiver. I am not planning to get rid of anything.

ITV will be a nice addition to my entertainment system to do a single specific thing: Talk to my Mac on the other room wirelessly or by Ethernet. That's all folks.

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Funny Mr Bean

flopticalcubeApr 26, 02:36 PMAtheism is no more a religion than failing to believe in leprechauns is a religion..:rolleyes:


But well put.

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osama bin laden mr bean. funny

Rt&DzineApr 24, 12:33 PMactually it is not the fear of Death ... many religious people do not worry when their time is done ... for them "the afterlife" trumps everything

Why do you think the concept of the afterlife began? Because of fear of death.

It must be very simple and claustrophobic up there. ;)

Who would I be to argue with such an excellent generalization?

You disagree? When I studied anthropology I learned that it is thought that is why religion began. Do you have other information?

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in laden mr bean in laden.

takaoMar 13, 04:40 PMI wouldn't be so smug if I was you. Looks like Austria uses over 60% imported oil and gas for electricity manufacture ( that Persian Gulf political turmoil must be pretty exciting for you guys, yes? Probably costly too.

You're also reliant on those nice people in Russia to keep their natural gas pipelines open (–Ukraine_gas_disputes), aren't you... being land-locked and all.

you know what actually is costly ? the US policies in regard to Iran: it actually prevented developing the south iranian gas fields for use for european earth gas users since the US embargoes any company doing business with iran in excess of 10 million dollar ... and because of the US preventing alternative sources we are depending on Russia which had been a consistent supplier for more than half a century

nice distraction from your own argument ... where is the terror and war in which austria is involved because of the lack of nuclear energy ?
i would rather claim that nuclear power plants, construction of such powerplants, nuclear fuel production etc. bring forward a lot more international conflict

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Mr. Bean Laden Funny Picture

sinsin07Apr 9, 04:02 AMSome us have lifestyles in which we are more than content with the entertainment selection on iOS devices-myself included. I don't have time, not desire to invest in playing games over long periods of time in a sedentary fashion. I play a game when want to clear my mind a bit, or kill time. I don't go invest huge amount of money and make that a goal, because frankly Id rather spend my time in a myriad of other ways. The vast majority of the population share my mindset. iOS devices not being 'HARDCORZ' enough is not going to hurt Apple. That market is shrinking, not expanding.

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Mr. Bean : Cartoon Pics

roland.gSep 12, 04:46 PMwho thinks it will be 802.11g or will it be 802.11n?

will that mean that all new macs Q1 07 also come with 802.11n as well?

or will the streaming from a 802.11g mac to the iTV just be crap?

if that's the case what will everyone with a current mac do, dongle it?

Steve should have been more explicit about the 802.11 or at least assured us that 802.11g macs will stream to it just fine.

Does anyone know if 802.11g can handle streaming video at that resolution?

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of mr bean laden funny,

Luph67Apr 6, 09:27 PMIs customization really any worse than windows? I have never found customization in windows to be very intuitive, and one of the draws for OS X for me would be that it looks so much cleaner (by default). I've spent ages customizing windows and can never make it look good with solid-style windows anymore. It's either transparency or it looks horrible, and I am not a big fan of transparency or aero. The only thing I can imagine wanting to customize in OS X are the icons and I already know that much easier solutions exist than for windows.

Mr Bean Laden Funny Picture. dogg funny Mr bean dressed
dogg funny Mr bean dressed

odediaJul 12, 12:00 AMHate to say I told you so ( ;)

Oded S.

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Bin laden funny cartoon. in

aricherAug 29, 10:57 AMIt's a very sad reality indeed.

bugfaceukApr 9, 08:33 AMHardcore Gamer? You've lost your way.

Hehe. You're funny.

Hardcore gaming is playing a lot of games, the hardware bragging & taxonomy of gamers is a penis envy thing.

I'm off to play with my 9.7 incher.

wdogmediaAug 29, 03:03 PMFirst, R&D should never be banned. However, we should not implement everything we find out in our labs. It is a huge difference in getting to know how we can alter the genetical code and actually do it in a grand scale. THAT if anything will be our end.
Stem cells is an entirely different story. That is a political/religious question about when life begins and also OT.

RogueWarrior65Aug 30, 10:31 AMGreenpeas never gave a damn until Apple was a red-hot company again. Same thing with Creative. You waited THIS long to bitch and moan about your intellectual property?

No lawyer ever gives a crap unless the target has lots of money.

MultimediaJul 13, 06:10 AMI've been wondering about this too. Surely they have the source code (or most of it) written in a high level language, right? If I'm not totally mistaken, there shouldn't be that much more work involved than a re-compilation for x86. Even if some filters or other stuff are hand coded in assembler, they already have that code in x86-assembler in the Windows version.Adobe made a strategic decision to go Universal with the CS3 Suite next year and meanwhile not to divert work to Universalize the CS2 Suite. If you need Adobe stuff all the time, just get a G5 Quad and you will be happy as a clam. It's still going to be the second fastest Mac after Mac Pros are out. :)

rasmasyeanMar 14, 07:19 PMAre there any like Predator survailance drones arround there? You'd figure by now since the US has arrived, they would bring a bunch of these planes that circle Afghanistan and Iraq all 24-7. They can like spot heat signatures and like liscense plates and stuff like that.

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