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gjkiiiMay 9, 11:32 PMHopefully someone at ATT will read these posts! In the same boat, last 3-4 weeks been getting worse in R.I.

It won't matter. I am a firm believer than unless you have pressure from a competitor you can take your time fixing your problems. And until the iphone ends up on another carrier I can't see AT&T making improvements for Iphone users a priority. Despite what steve says I believe that the AT&T networks would be better if the iphone was on multiple carriers. It may have been a good decision for steve financially to make it exclusive but its not a good decision by steve for the iphone users.

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MacsavvytechMay 4, 01:50 AMPeople sure get emotionally invested about the dumbest things....

Anyone who deliberately uses more than one question mark in English is not properly literate, so let's hope our friend the von Magnum's keyboard is to blame.

Indeed ????

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BrokenChairsApr 10, 07:34 AMThis shows how much Apple has learned from the past. They will not make the same mistake they did during the Mac vs. PC era by ignoring games. They're throwing the best mobile GPUs into their products and advertising gaming heavily, good for them.

Yes 'games' are what Apple are after. Until they can produce a decent gaming library and convince companies to make Mac versions (at least Blizzard has all this time) I cannot take Apple seriously when it comes to games. What I call gaming is not a 3 minute exercise for fingers swiping across the screen. But if this is a step to increase non-casual games, good luck Apple.

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*LTD*Apr 28, 08:23 AMThere's a difference between a PC (machine that gives you the ability to work) and a communication / entertainment device.

We are currently witnessing the melding of the two, with the mobile side emerging as the favoured platform.

Yes, you'll see content creation on tablet and pad devices. It's inevitable as they get more powerful and easier to use.

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Murders that Support It

slinger1968Oct 26, 09:39 PMI wonder how many current Mac Pro owners will just buy the new chips off and pop them in.I've seen this comment on numerous posts and it sounds like people haven't read Anand's review.

It's not very easy to get to the CPUs, nothing like a simple swap.

I've built loads of PCs in the last 12+ years and even I would be a little reluctant to rip apart a $2500 to $3000 Mac Pro like anand did to swap out the chips.

It's an easy swap for Apple in the manufacturing process, but not for the consumer.

Read the report. Apple doesn't want people to be able to upgrade their CPUs

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jbghMar 18, 09:07 AMForcibly changing my plan with zero evidence of anything is illegal and they will pay for it. Tme to start blasting them on Facebook, twitter, everywhere possible.

yeah that'll get them...

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AppliedVisualOct 29, 11:30 AMi wouldnt truly worry about that till it happens. one thing i have learned over the years is that roadmaps never hold up. if they had, we'd all be running dual core 6GHZ G5 or G6 right now, with 10GHZ in production readying themselves for 2007. Intel would have a oentium 5 or something out or their 64 bit itanium with consumes 200W of power. just a year ago, we had laptops with pentium M that wre as fast or faster than pentium 4's. who knows where we'll be in a year or 2 from now. i wont worry about laptop performance until we are behind, not what some roadmap says. years ago clock speed was all the rage, today its multiple cores. what will it be tomorrow? who knows.

Exactly. Roadmaps are just projections based on what current technology and market trends seem to indicate. Back when Intel and AMD were both deadlocked in the MHz race and were pushing to break the 2GHz barrier, we were hearing claims of 4GHz within a year and 10GHz by '07. Well, '07 is almost here and 4GHz is still just a pipedream in most situations and not something we see without overclocking and aftermarket cooling options. The only thing that we can rely on is that both AMD and Intel have become quite reliable when they officially announce a product is in development and production and they are usually good about when it will arrive and what it will do. Often only missing a release by a matter of a few days to a week or two, even though it was announced nearly 8 months or more in advance. But upcoming products on their roadmap mean little. Nehalem may not even happen... There's been several tentative chip products over the years that appear on a roadmap, only to be replaced by something else later. I think at this point, all those future entries on the roadmap mean is that it's something being investigated. There could be a significant breakthrough tomorrow in nanotech that allows for 28um production industry-wide within the next two years and then you can bet that Intel, AMD and IBM will throw their current roadmaps out the window. So it means nada until they officially start development and testing on a new product...

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appleguy123Mar 24, 07:22 PMNot supporting actions is hate?

You do real that Tomasi is talking about the attacks on "People who criticise gay sexual relations..."

If I said that I don't want blacks to be married, because it hurts the sacrament of marriage, would that be hate? I think that it would be.
Like it or not, the zeitgeist is shifting to make homophobia as stigmatized as racism. The Catholic Church will have to either adapt, or perish.

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Supporters of Al Gore and

deconaiAug 30, 09:53 AMA few years ago in college, my Geology professor (he works at NASA developing new energy technologies and teaches during the Summer as a side job) told us that Mother Nature is actually the largest contributor to greenhouse gases through the release of methane attributed to volacones. In fact, one volcano puts out more methane gas than the entire USA. Apparently humans are only responsible for a fraction of a percent of the greenhouse gases found in the natural atmosphere.

Face it, global warming is a buzz phrase quickly falling out of fashion. The temperature changes we are experiencing are part of a cycle, nothing more.

The real problem that humans create is the rapid consumption of the earth's natural resources. We need to remember to recriprocate this consumption with preservation.

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KidStallynMar 18, 11:09 AMActually - for several years - and still in some areas - you DO pay for the ability to network your home via wifi - and there is a way for the cable company to prohibit it. Not that they do/will. - but clearly they can since some areas have this as a "premium"

Next - there are things you cannot do on a phone that you can do on a computer in regards to using up bandwidth. You can't download torrents on your phone (for example). You can on a computer.

There's really little debate here. ATT is now, obviously, recognizing what they have known all along - that people are abusing their data plans. So they are taking action. It's within their right. Get over it.

Seriously....The fact that someone want to Bit Torrent over a mobile phones data connection just makes me SMH. It's so much slower then your home internet connection. Maybe they don't have home internet.... OK, give them that. But really, at the end of the day, it's 1s and 0s. Whether it comes from your phone or laptop, you should not get double charged. I will never tether as long as that extra charge is there. ATT or any other carrier will not get another 20/month from me. I think it's crooked. That's my thoughts. Again, I DO NOT tether because of that. I would if it was free, since I'm already paying for DATA whether I use it or not.

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that in laden emerged as

IntelliUserApr 15, 10:23 AMWhats the line in the sand? Are Gay men, simply men who find other men attractive? Do they share partial brain chemistry similar to a woman? Are some Gay Men "women trapped in men's bodies"? None of the above? We havent walked in their defining what IS and ISNT a disease is pretty ignorant. glad we're all talking about these issues though...stay well friend and keep posting! :)

As long as they have a penis, gay men are men. Just like this (,r:0,s:0) guy is a man, no matter how hard he tries not to be. Thinking otherwise is a sign of delusion, of a mental problem. And psychiatrists ( agree with that.

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Osama Bin Laden, Al Gore Team

darkplanetsMar 11, 09:23 AMNB. I guess the most critical things that can get damaged in Japan are the nuke power stations, the reports so far say none are leaking.

I wouldn't worry about those. They're incredibly well designed. If Japan has any of the new AP1000's, then there's really nothing to worry about.

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hoax send butfeb , here is osama Oliver+north+al+gore+osama+in+laden Nobody knew osama laden, al states that Butfeb , e-mail anyone publicly that posts

Mattie Num NumsMay 2, 09:26 AMSo make it unsafe, it's not a rocket science, cowboy.

You're awfully sensitive about this issue, chief.

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One of its key supporters

jholznerSep 20, 09:58 AMWoohoo a hard drive! :D

I wasn't planning on buying CenterStage, but the DVR functionality(?) would make it very appealing.

Not sure how it would have DVR capabilities since there is no coax input but who knows. If it could do DVR I'd buy in a second and replace my Tivo. However, it seems Apple wants to sell you shows not let you record them for free so I don't see them adding it. Here's hoping!

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Bin Laden blasts US for

RebootDApr 12, 11:38 PMWirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_0 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7A341 Safari/528.16)

As a print designer who has slowly started moving into editing and animation it made sense for me to just pay more for the Master Collection and start using Premiere and AE.

That said I miss using FCP (I used it at a job a few years back) and at $299 I am happy to pick it up and combine it with AE.

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Osama Bin Laden is BACK!

carfacSep 12, 06:02 PMI do not see the point... What does this do that anyone could possiblky need???

300 bones for a glorified wi-fi widget is way off base. It is going to have a LOT more added to be worth that. Of course, we are talking about Apple, so overcharge is the rule, not the exception.

For my money, it's gonna have to be a REAL media center, and there is no way THAT ios gonna happen for 3 bills. Tivo today announced a HD-PVR for 8- that price range is acceptible, but it's gonna have to be HD, PVR, tunner, alkl that stuff. This box, worthless to me.

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truth about ladenwhy Oliver+north+al+gore+osama+in+laden Black indec , chuckling, and this isoliver north warned about Radio personality born am,

AhmedFaisalMar 15, 10:58 PMI see you still haven't explained what you meant by "contained".

I did.

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Osama in Laden? Al Qaeda

thejoshuMar 19, 10:31 PMYou're all far too willing to accept the RIAA's iron grip over downloading music. Apple's DRM is disgusting - but you want to say "shut it down! or our prices will go up! or they'll make the DRM worse!" Well, you've got to do better than that - because they owe it to us to sell a better product. I want to own my music - I know the paradigm is new, I know it's a virtual product any way you slice it, but DVD Jon is doing the right thing, and we need to send a message.

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in laden condom. in laden

BlackcatMar 19, 04:39 PMFirstly, let me say I'm against DRM if it restricts me using my own music I've paid for, but equally I see why artists don't want me uploading my iTunes Library to Gnutella.

Now, this "I do it to help Linux" excuse, it's rubbish. I've no objection to people choosing Linux (I use it on several servers) but to then moan it can't do xyz is crazy. If you need to watch DVDs, access iTunes, play The Sims, use Word etc then you should be running an OS that can do those things not by hacking support by illegal means. I understand the frustration of not being supported, but again it was by choice, lobby Apple to do Linux iTunes.

I applaud this software for giving me my usage rights back, but lets not make DVD Jon a hero of Linux, he just likes beating the system.

coochiekutaMar 13, 02:21 PMsurely other forms need to be developed more so their cost can go down but nuclear power i think is very much needed. after an oil spill do you give up on oil? there is risk in most things.

iJohnHenryMar 14, 09:22 AMIn case anyone was wondering. ;)

appleguy123Apr 22, 09:11 PMsomeone hasn't posted in that thread for 5 months ... why would people all of a sudden want to revive it ... today we have this one.

I would be willing to bet that if given time this thread will be a carbon copy of that one.
That thread should be stickied, because I can't really think of any issue(relevant to this topic) we didn't cover in it.

greenstorkSep 12, 06:01 PMThis is the device I've been waiting for 2+ years for Apple to come out with. Those who think this isn't a Tivo killer don't understand Tivo's plans. This hasn't just killed the current Tivo, this has killed the gen4 Tivo that isn't even out yet. It's stolen its thunder by at least a year if not much more.

It's been obvious for awhile now that Tivo has been moving in their slow ponderous way towards a method of content delivery over internet. They have been doing it for ads for years now, and they want to do it with content so bad they can taste it. They hired a key guy from bittorrent several years ago, but haven't done anything impressive since. They want it, but with it taking them 3 years to go with cable card and dual tuner, they just aren't able to get their act together in time.

Apple has played their cards exactly right. They've done what Tivo, Netflix, Microsoft, Sony, and Blockbuster would all give their collective left nut to do. They've done what every local cable company and even every media mogul SHOULD have been laying awake worrying about, which is to have made them irrelevant in one fell swoop. Not to every single consumer by a long shot, but to a significant demographic of tech-savvy consumers who know what they want and will shift paradigms to get it.

As much as I want this right this very second, waiting for 802.11n is the right thing to do and I'm glad Apple did it. I don't have a TV, but I'll buy a 20" monitor and one of these the day it comes out. I'll buy a second one and a projector as soon as possible afterwards.

This is going to be a much bigger deal than the iPod, and that's saying a lot.

While it may be what you think it is some day, it sure ain't today. Dream on...

NT1440Apr 24, 06:06 PM"interestingly, as the muslim population increases so too do reported cases of anti-semitic hate crimes."

Will people ever learn the whole correlation/causation thing? Come on. That line is NOTHING but a twisted attempt to cast the muslim population in a bad light. News flash people there are 1.5 BILLION Muslims in the world. If the religion is as dangerous as some would like us to believe, rather than just plain old extremism (as any religion has), then the world would be in total ruins by now. After all, a whole quarter of the world population is comprised entirely of terrorists :rolleyes:

Side note on correlation/causation

Interesting theory in International Relations:

No two countries with a McDonalds has been to war with one another in the last 30 years, therefore it is clear that McDonalds causes world peace.


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