Bin Laden 54 is dead and his

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. Osama Bin Laden, the Al Qaeda
Osama Bin Laden, the Al Qaeda

Popeye206Apr 21, 08:53 AMLook Android lovers... this is an Apple site. You don't need to call us "Fanboys" in a condescending way here. We are here because we love our Macs, iOS devices or we develop for them and like to keep up on the news. Yes... many here are "fanboys".

We don't care about your customization, your 4G, your ability to steal music or video. It's stupid. You do know you can do all that on an iPhone too (with the exception of 4G - but who cares, very little markets have it). Yes, iTunes manages our music, apps and video, but I can add songs and videos from anywhere... just like you. If I want to be a geek and customize, I can jail break my phone and do all sorts of crazy things. You do realize the average consumer out there could care less right? They just want it to work.

So, anyway... go love your Droid device. It is a nice platform. But sorry to say, it's not going to kill the iPhone or iOS. Apple is good at what it does and consumers love it. Their sales continue to show it.

And, like it or not, Apple is the most influential high-tech company out there right now. They've done more for the PC and the Mobile industry than any other company in the last decade. You should be happy Apple exists as they've woken up many manufactures in the market as to what consumers care about. Quality product. Consistent experience and superior service.

Please... if you want to impress your friends with your customized HTC Thunderbolt, go over to the Android forum and beat your chest and stop the pissing contest here. There's pluses and minuses on both sides and we could argue all day with no productive end result.

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. Osama-Bin-Laden-Dead-Body

javajediOct 11, 06:30 PMOriginally posted by javajedi
What you are saying makes a lot of sense. Now that I think about, I too recall reading this somewhere.

Now that we know the real truth about the "better standard FPU", I thought it was time to shed some light on non vectorized G4 integer processing.

It still does 200,000,000 calculations, but this time I'm multiplying ints.

Motorola 7455 G4@800Mhz: 9 seconds (Native)
IBM 750FX G3@700Mhz: 7 seconds (Native)
Intel P4@2600Mhz 2 seconds (Java)

PowerPC 7455 integer processing is consierabley better than floating point (obviously less work doing ints), but still less per cycle than the Pentium 4.

Very intresting the G4 looses both floating point and integer to the IBM chip, at a 100MHz clock disadvantage.

I'm still waiting to see that "better standard FPU" in the G4. It seems the G4 is absolutely useless unless you are fortunate to have vectorized (AltiVec) code.

Alex, yeah, the native version was compiled under 3.1. It really is interesting to note that despite the 750FX's 100MHz clock disadvantage, it is able to outperform it by 22%. Since there is a 13% difference in clock speed, and if clocks were equal, the 750FX is technically 25% more efficient in scalar integer. I should also re-emphasize that I never bothered compiling the test natively for x86, I left it java, so it's not out of the question the P4 could do this in 1 second - and that is *NOT* using any vector libraries, just plain old integer math.

I've found some documentation on the Altivec C programming interface, and this weekend I'm going to make a first attempt at vectorizing it. The integer test should be no problem, but my FPMathTest app that did square roots will be more difficult. With Altivec, there is not recognized double precision floating point, so this complicates doing square roots. If you want more accurate, precision square roots, you have to do Newton Raphson refinement. In other words more ************ you have to go through. I believe in SSE2 you have double precision floating point ops, and if you were to vectorize it, you wouldn't have to compensate for this.

Another theory as to why the P4 is scoring so good is because if I'm not mistaking (and I'm not), the P4's ALU runs at double its clock. So in my case, 5.6GHz. I'm sure this relates to the issue.

I don't know how true this is, but I wouldn't be suprised if there is some truth to it, surely some food for thought:

The G4 was just a hacked-up G3 with AltiVec and an FPU (floating point unit) borrowed from the outdated 604

If this is the case, then no wonder why we are getting these abysmal scores, and no wonder why a 400mhz Celeron can nearly equal it, and no wonder why the 750FX can outperform it (different company, different fpu)

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. Making his point: The
Making his point: The

flopticalcubeMar 13, 06:06 PMHuh? I agreed with you that there are more car accident deaths. But just as I said Chernobyl is an estimated death toll. My point is many deaths from a nuclear accident aren't known. I personally know someone who died from the effects of Chernobyl who wasn't included in the estimation. I'm sure there are many, many more.

Your anecdotal evidence, though saddening, proves nothing. Expert estimates place the figure at around 4000 and anything other than that is just playing fantasy conspiracy theory. Playing on people's fears of what is not known is just poor science.

Perhaps the true figure is an unknown but even if we underestimate the figure by 10 times, it's still small compared to other risks and given that nuclear power is still in it's infancy, that risk can only go down with time as it did in other industries and technologies like cars. I would think the biggest risk from nuclear power at the moment belongs to the uranium ore miners.

People have the same irrational fear about flying. Every time there is a horrific plane crash, many people become afraid of flying for a short period of time afterwards, ignoring the excellent all-round safety record. Personally, I think it's because with flying or nuclear power, the risk lies outside of one's personal control. Walking or driving appears much safer because you are the one in control, even if statistics prove otherwise.

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. That was just his name tho.
That was just his name tho.

csjo00Jun 9, 05:18 PMOnly time I've ever had a dropped call with AT&T is when the Wakarusa people come in to the area.

(Wakarusa is a huge festival 10 miles from where I live that increases the population of our county of ~8,000 to close to ~30,000. And it kills cell service.)

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. Osama Bin Laden is Dead!
Osama Bin Laden is Dead!

d.perelMar 19, 07:15 PMthe software would probably go over better if it did not contain the 1st syllable of 'Pirate' or 'Pirating' right before the word music..... :rolleyes:

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. Osama in Laden (1998 file photo) Al-Qaida leader Osama in Laden is dead. US President Barack Obama announced on Monday morning that in Laden had been
Osama in Laden (1998 file photo) Al-Qaida leader Osama in Laden is dead. US President Barack Obama announced on Monday morning that in Laden had been

glocke12Mar 13, 07:45 AMSounds like they need to send Godzilla in to take care of the reactors...

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. His death would easily fall
His death would easily fall

100TeraflopsApr 5, 06:03 PMActually, I do think this would bug me. I love that I have all of my most used programs (Word, Excel, Photoshop, Lightroom, Notepad, etc, plus one particular folder) right there for easy access with 1 click of the Start button -- yet hidden away completely out of sight (until I click on Start). I also love having quick access to my "Recent Items" list, to quickly open a file I was recently working on.

How are the above 2 things done on a Mac?

eek... I use "alt-tab" and "copy & paste" A LOT! :eek:

Doesn't Mac have these things too? :confused:

Recent items are "today, yesterday, and past week." I checked with the 'finder' and a document showed up yesterday without accessing my documents folder. Hope this helps, as you sound computer savvy!

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. Bin Laden#39;s compound middot; Salman
Bin Laden#39;s compound middot; Salman

jholznerSep 20, 09:58 AMWoohoo a hard drive! :D

I wasn't planning on buying CenterStage, but the DVR functionality(?) would make it very appealing.

Not sure how it would have DVR capabilities since there is no coax input but who knows. If it could do DVR I'd buy in a second and replace my Tivo. However, it seems Apple wants to sell you shows not let you record them for free so I don't see them adding it. Here's hoping!

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. osama in laden dead body.
osama in laden dead body.

smetvidApr 13, 04:32 AMPeople you seem to be missing the point that the $299.00 price is for FCP and not the entire studio package. Remember FCP was only one of many applications in FCS. I would expect the other applications to be similar priced in the app store. So in the end I think you may end up paying just as much.

What I did find interesting is no mention of upgrade pricing for existing FCS users. How will they handle upgrades per application?

Remember for current users we paid a small feee to upgrade the entire studio package.

As an editor I can say this is pretty interesting. I would expect the same level of precision we are used to now under the hood. I think the main focus of this demonstration was to show the new features and how easy FCP can be now for the non tech people.

My only concern at this point is every iMovie user now thinking they can be a pro editor with no training and very little cost. Even a 10 year old kid will be using FCP. This is going to affect the editing job market and make editors a dime a dozen. Sure talent still matters but it is going to be harder for companies to sift through 5000 demo reels trying to find that talent. Apple has pretty much turned editing into Wal-Mart.

You might as well kiss Avid goodbye as well. I'm sure there will be die hards for the old way of editing but if FCPX can hang on to the precision of a pro editor without the complex overhead then Apple has just sent Avid yet another major blow. Adobe and Vegas are still a bit safe since they had a lot of these features for awhile now. In fact I see a lot of similarities with Sony Vegas. To me FCPX is the way Vegas should have been from what I have seen so far.

Perhaps Avid will finally wake up and overhaul their entire interface the way they should have 4 years ago already. Avid had the opportunity when they bought Pinnacle Liquid to have a NLE with background rendering and other newage features but they killed it in favor of their dinosaur. The new FCPX is what Liquid could have been if development would have kept going.

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. married Omar in Laden
married Omar in Laden

EmilHApr 6, 12:01 PMI switched about a year ago and don't regret anything. Apple have to screw up big time to make me switch back to windows:)

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. Bin Laden Allegedly Dead
Bin Laden Allegedly Dead

aristobratMar 18, 01:25 PMNo in the TOS it states there is a limit to unlimited (5gb), deceptive.
If you can actually find the TOS specific to the unlimited iPhone data plan, it doesn't mention a 5GB cap.

Old unlimited DataConnect Plans, and old unlimited smartphone/BlackBerry plans had that wording, but the unlimited iPhone data plan didn't.

I will always continue to use tethering with my unlimited. They will never make me switch and they can accuse all they want.
They don't have to make you switch. They can switch you plan automatically without you. If they do, you can probably cancel without paying an EFT since they changed the plan terms you originally agreed to.

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. Bin Laden, along with other
Bin Laden, along with other

SilentwaveJul 11, 11:13 PMIntel Core 2 Duo (Conroe) will launch in 2.66GHz, 2.4GHz, 2.13GHz, and 1.86GHz flavors. With 2.66GHz and 2.4GHz with 4MB shared L2 cache and the 2.13GHz and 1.86GHz models with 2MB shared L2 cache. There will also be a Core 2 Extreme at 2.93GHz with 4MB shared L2 cache. All will run on a 1066MHz frontside bus.
The current list of core 2 microprocessors includes:

Conroe: Core 2 Duo
1066 Mt/S FSB, 4MB L2 cache:
E6600 2.4GHz
E6700 2.66GHz
Release on both: July 27th

Core 2 Extreme
1066mt/s FSB, 4mb L2 cache:
X6800 2.93GHz- July 27th
X6900 3.2GHz (no release date yet, expected by end of 2006)

Allendale: core 2 duo
1066 Mt/S FSB, 2MB L2 cache
E6500 2.4GHz- Q4 2006
E6400 2.13GHz- July 27th
E6300 1.86GHz- July 27th
E6200 1.6GHz- Q4 2006

800Mt/s FSB, 2MB L2 Cache
E4200 1.6GHz- Q4 2006.

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. Osama in Dead surrounded by
Osama in Dead surrounded by

MultimediaOct 30, 09:44 PMThe Mac Pro uses sleds??? Uh, oh... Why Apple, why??? So it's not like my G5 quads where everything you need is included (just add drives)? That sucks. :mad:

Is this really true?No AV you misunderstand. Mac Pro comes with 4 HD Sleds built in. What he's asking is if we could get more so we can have a bunch of HDs already mounted in additional sleds so we can pop 'em in real fast whenever we need to change them out for different client ( should soon be offering sleds, and brackets to hold hard drives in the optical bays.Good to know.

Just noticed 1-8004MEMORY is now selling 4GB KIT (2GBX2) DDR2 667 ECC FULLY BUFFERED FOR APPLE MAC PRO for only $690 each via this link ( . This makes 2GB sticks now lower crossover price per GB - $172.50 each - vs. 1GB sticks which are priced more than $200 each now. Happy days are here again!

But not sure if heatsinks are included. Can't tell without calling them tomorrow.

Then I would add a pair of $75 MaxSink Heatsinks ( for a total of $765 per 2x2GB kit still only $191.25/GB.

Or just get the MaxSinks already installed properly with 2 Samsung 2GB sticks for $789 from

So a 6GB 8-Core Mac Pro is looking like about $4500 to me now.

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. The 54-year-old led a self
The 54-year-old led a self

calvin66Aug 29, 01:31 PMWhile I'm sure Apple and everyone else has a long way to go with regard to clean manufacturing practices, I'm not sold on Greenpeace's approach to the ratings.

If you look at their scoring system, it is a compilation of Greenpeace's subjective evaluation of a variety of practices by each company. Much of what Dell gets credit for is timelines for changing its business practices, and openness with regard to information on hazardous substances in the manufacturing process. When you look at what they are doing (rather than what they are saying), Dell and Apple score the same--a +2 (partially good) on amounts recycled, and a 0 (bad) for PVC & BFR free products. The report doesn't say how it quantifies these rankings, nor the underlying data regarding the score....which is kinda funny given their harping on full disclosure for all the companies mentioned.

It turns out Greenpeace is like everybody else--manipulating the data to support its goals. It sure doesn't help their credibility.

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. of a dead Osama Bin Laden
of a dead Osama Bin Laden

iJohnHenryMar 13, 05:26 PMAhem, the CANDU reactor design is the 'common rail diesel' of the nuclear World.

It will burn the equivalent of cooking oil. :p

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. Osama Bin Laden with his uncle
Osama Bin Laden with his uncle

aristobratMar 18, 09:10 AMForcibly changing my plan with zero evidence of anything is illegal and they will pay for it. Tme to start blasting them on Facebook, twitter, everywhere possible.
Wait, you have evidence that AT&T has zero evidence?

Didn't think so.

For all you know, they're doing the same deep-packet inspections on their data network that wired broadband providers have been doing for years.

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. Dead: Osama Bin Laden was
Dead: Osama Bin Laden was

SyddeMar 14, 01:13 PMin japan though it's a little bit different. thats why there also isn't much open panic: simply for the fact that the majority of japanese don't want to be seen 'losing it'
I suspect you are somewhat mistaken on that point. Mostly, what happened happened, not much they can do about that now. Some eyewitnesses I hear on the radio were saying they felt eerily calm during the shaking, now they are mostly fatalistic, I would think. Panic just amounts to a waste of energy.

off topic side note: for other nuclear plant designs this events could have been massivle more dramatic

That remains to be seen. Right now, they are still struggling to keep this disaster from happening. The situation is hardly what I would call stable.

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. Osama Bin Laden Joins His Own
Osama Bin Laden Joins His Own

rjjkpMay 31, 09:22 PM:apple: How would you go about finding out if a phone or carrier service worked in a certain area if you didn't consult other people or credible sources? Wouldn't you have to make a decision based on 'Other Peoples Opinions' in order to find out? If you know Verizon service yields 0 bars in your area do you know this as a previous Verizon service customer, consult someone directly or take the 'Opinion' of the AT&T salesman?

Are you so inflexible as to believe no one in the universe has occasional connection problems? Do you live under an AT&T tower and never stray far from it? I'm looking to get an iPhone in 2 months and I hope it really is as reliable as you describe.

I have set up a contract with a provider BEFORE committing to a long iphone contract. I go into the said telephone store and set up some other non iphone device. Then return home and test its capability and signal strength. If it is acceptable I return the above phone for a full refund(I use it far less than the maximum 30 days. Then when the desired iphone is purchased I will expect the same performance.

Bin Laden 54 is dead and his. OSAMA BIN LADEN DEAD

Scooterman1May 5, 01:08 PMDropped calls on AT&T are just a thing that you learn to tolerate. Even in our Houston area, where signals are strong on 2 iPhones, my wife and I drop calls each day in her 30 minute drive home. It seems to happen in the same areas so it may be when the calls get handed off to a different tower.

FrobozzApr 15, 10:12 AMThat was a great video. My brother is gay and life as a teenager was very difficult in the small town we grew up in. Honestly, these lessons are important for all children who are bullied. Those P.O.S. bullies are usually doomed to a terrible life, and those who are bullied can blossom into real people. Folks, I knew a kid who killed himself over a bad report card. It was a straw the broke the camel's back, for sure-- but if you don't give yourself a chance to outlast the bad parts, you're selling yourself short. Give yourself a chance to live long and pass away with a wonderful life full of experiences and love.

I hope that video helps people see past their current predicament with bullies!

Manic MouseJul 13, 07:33 AMConroe might be possible for the iMac. But why redesign the motherboard when you can just DROP IN Merom where Yonah once was?

Because Conroes are faster, better value for money and competitive with what non-Apple desktops will offer. I don't get the bubble that many Apple fans seem to live in, where Apple can short-change you with crippled hardware at premium prices (which they have done) and get away with it. Would you be happy, as a consumer, if Apple decided to give you a Merom based iMac rather than a Conroe iMac just because they couldn't be bothered designing a new MoBo for the new chip? I wouldn't, which is why I intend to buy a new iMac only if they're Conroe based.

Even the top-end Merom (2.33Ghz) will not be able to keep up with the standard Conroe (2.4Ghz) and costs nearly twice as much. Which would mean the only consumer Apple desktop would not be able to keep up with even bog standard Conroe PC's from DELL (or whoever) and still cost much more. It simply makes no sense for Apple or consumers.

For example, a 2.4Ghz Conroe will cost Apple $316 however a 2.33Ghz Merom will cost Apple over $600 or a 2.16Ghz Merom $423. Now why would Apple pay over $100 more for a 2.16Ghz Merom compared to a 2.4Ghz Conroe? Merom is slower and more expensive, it makes neither logical or financial sense for Apple to use them in the iMac if they have the option of Conroe with a new MoBo. End of.

Amazing IcemanMay 2, 09:27 AMHow stupid does a user needs to be in order to install, run and then enter credit card information into an application that pops up by itself?

ConsultantFeb 15, 04:49 PMThat's like arguing Linux will rule all computers in 201xyz.

Interesting thought... I guess that's why so few people develop for the Iphone. Probably explains the paltry 150,000 apps written in the last eighteen months and the pitiful 3,000,000,000 downloads.

I wish we had more .net developers cranking out apps a rate of 4 a year. Hopefully, Apple will learn from the folks in Redmond and really start making useful stuff.

Plus the apple app store is confirmed to own close to 95% of mobile app market.

AidenShawSep 21, 08:03 PMSorry you have lost me now HTPC ?
Home Theatre Personal Computer

HTPC is an acronym for Home Theater Personal Computer, describing certain personal computer systems designed solely to be connected to a television for entertainment purposes, such as watching TV, playing DVDs, CD music, or viewing digital pictures.

They may also be referred to as media center systems or Media Server units.

The general goal in a HTPC is usually to combine many or all components of a home theater setup into one box.


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