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dethmaShineApr 20, 05:30 PMAndroid is to Windows, as iOS is to Mac OS.

The similarities are astounding � Google is doing the same thing Microsoft did back in the day.

As much as Apple cares about marketshare, the experience is more important to them then the product itself. That's really something.

And there's one more thing. Back then, it was Mac and only mac.

Today, its an ecosystem. Hard to beat.

Osama in Laden killed. Osama Bin Laden Killed.
Osama Bin Laden Killed.

wekesAug 29, 04:47 PMI remember getting my old Power Mac 7500 in an ugly brown box with a message on it saying that apple wasn't using dyed boxes in order to help the environment. That's fine with me. However, I retrospect, I promptly dumped that box in the trash and acutally still use my newer and prettier dyed Apple boxes as storage containers in my storage room--something I never would have done with the ugly, wimpier brown one. So much for the borwn box helping the environment.

IMHO, Greenpeace is not to be trusted. They are highly-biased activists who, like most activist groups (right or left), have the unstated, main goal of needing to justify their continuing existence. Greenpeace, in particular, is notorious for having blinders on to the point they don't have any perspective in the real world beyond the utopian fantasies. I'm all for having reasonable, workable policies that are responsible and benefit society, but letting Greenpeace be the dictator of what those policies should be is naieve and dangerous.

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Osama bin Laden Killed amp; what

nixd2001Oct 10, 04:13 AMOriginally posted by AtomBoy
I'm kind of caught between a rock and a hard place.

Speed is important for me: CD-burning, video-editing, animation-rendering. For that reason the last computer I bought was a Quicksilver. It was the obvious choice at the time.

I imagined that my next computer would be another Mac to replace my ageing PC. Now it's not so clear. From the informed posts by new P4/XP users on this site it's clear that PC could do the things I want it to do more quickly and, arguably, with comparable stability.

BUT, I'm an expat living in Japan. One huge advantage of OSX is unicode. My Mac has a Japanese OS, which is great for my wife, but when I'm using the Mac I can switch the user language to English. Much of our Japanese software is also unicode compatible, so we can buy one program that can be used in either of our native languages. This is very cost-effective in the long-run.

I'm prepared to wait until next year when, hopefully, Apple will be using G5 chips from IBM that are much closer to those from Intel/AMD. I don't need my Mac to be the fastest computer out there (the advantages of OSX would bridge the gap) but I want it to be comparable if I'm going to shell out the extra bucks.

I don't really want to use XP. On-line activation and security issues still put me off.

If, however, Apple fail to deliver an impressive new hardware set next year, my next computer may well be PC.

I hope not, but you have to be realistic...

As a rule of thumb, there will always be a faster machine available if you're prepared to spend more, and whatever you buy will become obsolete somewhere between next day and next year. If speed is the only consideration, you'll probably be disappointed whatever you do and whenever you do it.

Decide your budget. Decide what you want to do with it. Find a shop where you can try it and see if it works for you. Work on the basis that you won't get the perfect machine, so decide whether whatever you're considering is good enough. Consider the software you'll want (and it's price!) as well as the hardware. Work on the basis that different people want different things from their computer(s) and get something that matchs your needs rather than whichever gets the loudest shouts for (or against).

And no, I'm not going to try and make a recommendation because I don't know enough about the ins and outs of all the details of what will meet your requirements.

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killed Osama bin Laden,

AppliedVisualOct 12, 03:43 PMWow I didn't even know such an accessory existed:

Gefen 4x1 DVI DL Switcher (Parallel Control) $899 (http://www.gefen.com/kvm/product.jsp?prod_id=3499)

But the price is almost that of another screen! Holy Moly. You have a better place to buy it for less with link please?

Unfortunately, I don't. :( You should try www.copperbox.com or www.ramelectronics.net - they may be able to quote you a better price, but I don't know how much better.

So you gonna go with the ATI Dual Dual Link DVI Card on your Mac Pro? What card do you have in your Quad. I bought mine refurb and Apple doesn't sell a Dual Dual Link video card for it for post-purchase upgrade that I know of. Do you? Could just buy another cheap NVIDEA GeForce 6600 card that is missing the noisy fan. Don't do 3-D or games.

I have the nVidia 7800GT card in both my G5 quads. It and the Quadro FX4000 were Apple's first offerings with 2xdual-link ports that I'm aware of. They went to the ATI X1900XT with the Mac Pro and replaced the the FX4000 with the FX4500 sometime last spring. Anyway, I think all the G5 quads are PCI-E x16 capable so you should be able to drop in any Mac EFI compliant PCI-E video card that has the dual-link connectors, but I'm not positive on this. The x1900xt sops up an adjacent card slot, which isn't an issue on the Mac Pro, but could cause problems on a G5 depending on what you may have installed. But I'm willing to bet that the current 7300GT card for $149 (1x dual-link, 1x single-link) will work just fine. I'm sure someone knows for sure.

And yeah, I will buy the Mac pro with the x1900xt unless something better comes along before I click the buy button.

Osama in Laden killed. Osama Bin Laden is dead.
Osama Bin Laden is dead.

TheGeekNextDoorMar 18, 11:24 AMWhy do they have to charge for tethering? It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. If I tether a lot, I will use more than 2 gigs in a month. Charge me extra at that point. At least they now give you 2 Gig extra for your tethering money. I would just prefer to not pay for that extra 2 gig until I need it. I only need to tether once a month at best, so I don't want to pay for a bunch of tethering. I also don't want to leave my unlimited plan. Sadly, I have never gone over 2 GB, but I like knowing that I don't have to worry about it.

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Osama Bin Laden Killed In.

Blue VelvetMar 12, 03:46 AMThe main island of Japan, the complete land mass, has moved sideways by eight feet (about 2.5 metres). And the earth, the entire planet, has shifted on its axis by about four inches (10cm)... according to geophysicists reported over at CNN. (http://edition.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/asiapcf/03/12/japan.earthquake.tsunami.earth/index.html)

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Osama Bin Laden Killed by U.S.

rdownsApr 15, 11:17 AMBy hateful things, you're talking about people like the Westboro Baptist Church and their picket signs, right?

Hate is hardly confined to the wingnut branch of religion.

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TheAppleDragonMay 2, 01:34 PMThe article -> http://blog.intego.com/2011/05/02/macdefender-rogue-anti-malware-program-attacks-macs-via-seo-poisoning/

Here is how it works:

Why is everyone acting like this is new?

Malware like this has been around for quite some time. It's always been the same - just exit the stupid installer and absolutely nothing happens.

Now if/when the malware auto-installs, by THEN it will be a threat. So far Apple has been good at patching loopholes, though.

Osama in Laden killed. Osama bin Laden Killed by US
Osama bin Laden Killed by US

HisdemMar 15, 01:39 PMAre you drunk?

Looks like it. And BTW, I don't think the Japanese people would think leaving their homeland and going to the USA is a good idea. Not saying they don't like the US, but generally, just generally, people tend to care more about their own countries and cultures than about the American ones. Just saying.

Osama in Laden killed. 8.30 pm: Osama bin Laden
8.30 pm: Osama bin Laden

KnightWRXMay 2, 11:14 AMThe fight can't be won, it's useless... there will always be those people who go, "Oh my god... random email, you need my credit card, social security number, and my youngest child? Sure thing! Here you go!"

And then freak out because their bank accounts are all empty and their kid's running off with some 40 year old. It'll never end.

That's never been a reason to give up. I was raised on Shonen Anime. I don't know the meaning of the words "giving up". ;)

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Osama in Laden Killed. killed

chabigSep 20, 08:00 AMI know of at least one company (http://www.itv.com/) in the UK who won't be too happy if they keep that name.
Pay attention. That's NOT the name. That's just what we're calling it today.

Osama in Laden killed. Osama Bin Laden Killed By Navy
Osama Bin Laden Killed By Navy

huluguMar 14, 11:28 PMThere is absolutely no need to be insulting. Quote your "studies", first of all, but I find your assertion pretty bizarre as originally stated - mostly because Death Valley is almost entirely subsumed within Death Valley National Park. Unless you something we don't know, there is zero chance that you are going to be installing a 100 square mile solar array in the park. Not to mention the mountainous topography.

You're correct. It's useful to think of the area needed for solar power, but subsuming Death Valley with solar panels isn't a realistic solution.

Solar panels are a useful supplement to other power sources in certain regions where favorable environmental conditions exist. But no more than that I'm afraid.

I'm not sure why alternative energy sources are required to be a silver bullet in a way that other sources like nuclear, coal, and natural gas are not. The way to fill our energy needs is a death by a thousand cuts, which will include conservation and new technologies.

Energy should be localized to some degree, thus Iceland can use geothermal to its advantage, England can use wind and tidal, and Australia can use solar.

Finally, there is tremendous social, political, and economic pressure to continue using fossil fuels and nuclear energy rather than the alternatives. Even though alternatives are now more prevalent than before and enjoy increasing popularity, fossil fuel and nuclear energy are going to be used heavily until all the fuel is exhausted.

Osama in Laden killed. Osama Bin Laden killed.
Osama Bin Laden killed.

theBBSep 12, 07:13 PMOk, if you're SOOOOO thrilled, you've been living in a cave because you could've been doing that for years, there's nothing new here aside for an apple logo on the box... the EyeHome could do that for the last 3 years (no storage, with a remote, streaming from my mac over Wifi - the eyehome physically connected to the router, my Mac on Wifi) (http://www.elgato.com/index.php?file=products_eyehome ). And you're right, it's great... Too bad you still have to wait 6 months :P
Yes, but EyeHome does not support ALAC or Purchased AAC for audio, H.264 for video, it does not have a USB port to connect a USB drive with movies or music or to use it as a file server with that drive or hook a USB printer to use it as a print server. Needless to say, it cannot access iTunes store content, either. If iTV can do all of these, then it is definitely gonna be the winner.

Osama in Laden killed. Osama bin Laden Killed by.
Osama bin Laden Killed by.

theBBSep 20, 12:32 PMHere is my wishlist:

1) Basestation or range extender for 802.11 b/g and maybe "a" or "n".
(Airport Express has both of these features, so I'd say likely.)

2) Using the ethernet connection instead of wireless network to stream music, photo slideshows and videos.
(I don't see why not)

3) Hooking up a USB harddrive with my music, photos and videos to avoid any wireless connection hiccups.
4) It would be great if I could also use that same harddrive as a sort of media server that I can reach from other computers at home.
(3 and 4 could happen, but I would not be surprised if they leave them out.)

5) Using it as a print server by connecting a USB printer, like the current Airport Express. (Well, if iTV is in the living room, this feature will not be really necessary. Still, a few years down the road there will be a newer and better version. Then, I could use the old one for more mundane network tasks.)

Osama in Laden killed. Osama Bin Laden Killed: The
Osama Bin Laden Killed: The

danielwsmitheeAug 29, 11:10 AMDo you have evidence of this just out of interest? I too was surprised to read this, so I'd be interested if you had evidence the other way.I wonder if they mentioned the fact that Dell has made the computer a disposable purchase with their $299 PCs. I'm serious people buy a new Dell every few years because they are garbage. Do you honestly think people give them back for recycling. They sell them on ebay or craigslist, and the new owner after about a year puts them in the dumpster. With Apple people keep their machines much longer, and are much more likely to recycle them because they are smaller and easier to take to a recycling center (no CRT). This alone makes Apple greener then Dell.

Osama in Laden killed. Osama Bin Laden Killed By Navy
Osama Bin Laden Killed By Navy

SwiftLivesMar 13, 02:06 PMIt's a good thing he lives in Chrleston, SC. ;)

Saved by the typo! Yesssssss!

I'm much less worried about a the reactors onboard Naval submarines. Those can be moved or anchored in the threat of a hurricane, and are less likely to have bad things happen in an earthquake.

Ironically, nuclear reactors provide just over 50% of South Carolina's power. The two in this state are near Columbia and Greenville. Coal provides around 40%.

Osama in Laden killed. Osama bin Laden Killed
Osama bin Laden Killed

arnSep 20, 12:50 AMya, seems unlikely the hard drive is for DVR functionality [as someone pointed out, there are no video inputs ont the device]... but the hard drive could prove useful in other ways.

It brings an interesting thoughts though how it complements the DVR. Wonder if Apple has thought about licensing the streaming componenet of it to Tivo, for example. It seems like it might be nice if Tivo could play protected itunes content on your home network.

Or on the flip side, Apple could license Tivo in a box of their own.


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osama bin laden killed.

philbeeneyMar 11, 01:51 PMAnd to compound matters further, they've had a 6.2 on the west coast in Nigaata prefecture. Not looking good especially with all the aftershocks occurring.

Osama in Laden killed. OSAMA BIN LADEN KILLED OBAMA.

ShivetyaApr 28, 12:29 PMIts not like the market for $1000+ computers is inexhaustible. They had to throw in tablets while they can to maintain market position because once the cheap tablets start coming out (and they will, it took a while for notebooks to get cheap and look at where they are now).

slinger1968Nov 2, 06:28 PMI'm back where I was to begin with, ready to buy the 2.66GHz release I hope will happen Tuesday November 14. The lower power ones will also be slower with a slower FSB as well. I forgot to remember that.I wouldn't expect the Clovertowns to be a BTO option right away. Sure they are pin compatable but Apple will need to make sure that they can cool these chips well enough to be very stable. Maybe Apple has already been testing the clovertown config, but we haven't heard any rumors and who knows if they need additional cooling.

I expect Apple to be more conservative than guys like Anand and Tom's hardware. Hopefully there's enough cooling "headroom" already built into the Mac Pro.

Also, who knows if the chip yield is high enough to trickle down to Apple? I honestly haven't heard much on their expected ship numbers.

DavidLeblondMar 18, 03:14 PMAlthough it's an eye opener to know that itunes itself is what wraps the music with DRM. I'd have thought the music was already DRM'd on the server. But I can see why apple chose that route, so that to get DRM'd songs onto an ipod, you would have to use itunes. I bet they never thought someone would bypass the itunes interface (kind of shortsighted if you ask me, this should have been anticipated).

Actually the reason why it isn't encoded with DRM on the server is that if they did that they would need a copy of every song for every customer they have on the server.

They don't care how you put songs on the iPod anyway... just that you buy an iPod to put the songs on. iTMS is there to sell iPods after all. Therefore if someone breaks the DRM and allows you to put the downloaded songs on ANY MP3 player it most DEFINATELY will not please Apple. The DRM isn't just there to appease the RIAA, it is there to make sure we keep buying iPods.

eternlgladiatorMar 11, 08:57 AM+1

didnt know the word tw@t was used over the pond... lol amezzin

I thought it was appropriate for this line. It's not in my main repertoire but I thought it worked.

DMannJul 14, 02:16 PM2003: "In 12 months, we'll be at 3GHz".
Mid 2006: "I want to talk about 2.66GHz" although 4 cores running at 2.66GHz (Yum! :D ).

Now, that is FUNNY!

However, based on availability, Apple could get up to 3GHz if they
really wanted to:

Dual Core Intel� Xeon� Processors 5160 (4MB L2 Cache, 3 GHz 1333MHz FSB)

Perhaps "one more thing......"

dante@sisna.comOct 26, 03:27 AMOK. I know that many of my apps aren't going to take advantage of this level of multithreaded power, but I can't help but get excited by this development. After so many years of sluggish improvement, it feels like we're in the midst of rapid (and radical) change.

I'm hoping that the 8-core, 3.0 (or faster) GHz MacPro arrives the same day as Leopard and about the same time as CS3. I'd gladly swap my 2.66 GHz quad core...:)

Many of the applications that graphics, audio, and video producers use do take advantage of the extra power. It just happens differently than one might think -- it has via better multitasking. It is up to the user to learn how to use quad and eight core boxes to improve production.

We've been learning this technique for the past year with PowerMac Quad Core and are blown away by how much more work we accomplish.



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